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How To Exterminate Spiders In Your Home


Tired of seeing spiders in certain areas of your home? Have tried various treatments or methods but still got the same frustrating result? We could be of utmost help! Check out our 6 simple yet effective ways how to get rid of spiders safely and permanently in your home.

Get Rid Of Spiders Effectively

  • Seal Crevices Or Cracks: Spiders crawl into homes through siding cracks or damaged window screens. So, seal them up. Inspect the outside of your home every season because temperature changes and weather can cause or even worsen the problem. Fix or replace torn screens of your windows. Cover your chimney and vents with fine mesh insect screens. For filling in big space gaps in closed windows and doors, you can make use of caulk.
  • Remove Spider Food Source: Insects, such as bugs, are the main food source of spiders. So if your home has any of it, expect to have a hard time getting rid of spiders. Therefore, make sure you always use pest control measures and pesticides and eliminate any traces of food debris.

Natural Deterrents

Those methods you use for removing ants or controlling cockroaches can also be used for deterring spiders:

  • Essential Oils – with peppermint oil being the most popular. Add 15-20 drops to a bottle spray full of water.
  • Vinegar – fill the spray bottle with half water and half vinegar. Spray in cracks, crevices, and corners.
  • Horse Chestnuts – ideal if you're pet-free. Simply put some pieces of horse chestnuts in certain home areas to ward off spiders.
  • Citrus – run the citrus peel along window sills, bookshelves, skirting boards, and other areas where spiders tend to crawl.
  • Garlic – either put crushed or whole cloves in a spray bottle along with water. Use it to scent your floors and corners.
  • Diatomaceous Earth – can be found in many garden centers and even online. Sprinkle it around your home. It is safe for both animals and humans.

Get Help

Let's say you've done your best and the problem continues to pester you. This is where pest control services, such as Go-Forth Home Services serve as your lifesaver. Those with large spider infestations could also benefit from using the service. What makes professional spider exterminators mostly a good option is that they don't use products with strong or toxic chemicals. Only natural products. So, have an assurance that your pets and little munchkins are safe and protected.

Keep Your Home Clean

This one is very important. Do not just dust horizontal surfaces and vacuum through the center of your room. Instead, vacuum under and behind chairs, nightstands, and sofas. When cleaning corners, ceilings, and light fixtures, use an extension dusting pole. Clean the air ducts once a season as well. Make sure items and clothes are properly stored. Clean and wipe away webs that could be forming. By taking into account these methods, you no longer have to worry about spiders infuriating you. Enjoy a spider-free home with Go-Forth Home Services!