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How To Keep Your Home Pest-free In All Seasons


Experiencing different seasons is typical but having pests all year round is a different story. Pest infestation surely comes when you least expect it, and it doesn’t pick any season. Winter, spring, summer, and fall are the seasons you enjoy the most which pests like also.

 If you want to keep your home free from pests no matter the season, here are tips you can apply to help you achieve a pest-free home in all seasons!

Winter Season

Winter is the season when pests tend to hide inside your home to have warm shelter. In this way, their survival rate is high. If you want to enjoy your winter wonderland without the intrusion of pests, you should clean the cobwebs where spiders can live during the cold season. Cover cracks and gaps to remove entry points. Also, baits are helpful to keep away cockroaches and ants. Don’t forget to apply boards outside your house like doors, windows, and which can also serve as an entrance for them.

Fall Season

When the fall season enters, pests will develop and will slowly get out of their nests. Pest predation can occur which will let pests find a home to retreat. If you don’t want your home to be a hideaway for them, better seal up all the pathways where they can enter easily. Don’t forget to clean your home to remove the junk that can attract pests. Remove all the possible food sources to avoid them from coming back and forth inside your home.

Spring Season

When mating is a matter for pests, the spring season is the perfect time for them. This season is the perfect time when a high number of pests will appear due to reproduction. If you want your home to be pest-free during spring, inspect your home to see if there are cracks after the winter season. Woods in your backyard should be removed as it is a haven for them. If you don’t want rodents to come inside your home, trim those trees or bushes that are brushing in your attic as it serves as a bridge for pests. Also, remember to check water sources that entice pests most like gutters and yards.

Summer Season

Pest activities are active during summer since they can move quickly and predators are less seen. To avoid pests coming, apply repellents and seal gaps that will prevent them from entering your place. You can also use baits to lessen the reproduction of pests. If you want to keep your home away from nuisances, during this season, start inspecting your home even the exterior for possible infestations to avoid them from ruining your winter which is the time they nest inside your house.

That’s it! The four seasons you experience annually will be fun and exciting if pests will not be present. If you want to have your home ready for all seasons, you can have a professional exterminator to inspect and treat your home. Go-Forth Home Services is the best choice for you if you want Cost-Effective exterminators in High Point NC. Call now and get quality service!