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Mice Control Company Near Charlotte, North Carolina


Charlotte is located at the county seat of Piedmont, Mecklenburg County. It is known to house an estimated population count of 850,000 by the United States Census for the year 2017. The said count has made the said city to be 17th in the list of the most populated cities in the United States.

Charlotte, NC has a total area of about 305 square miles, the majority of which is land and the smaller portion being water.  Cities located in North Carolina only gets to experience one type of climate. And that means, subtropical climates for everybody living there!

Pest Control Management In Charlotte, NC

The people living in Charlotte, North Carolina experience a humid subtropical climate which means that they still get to experience all four seasons in a year, but they get to experience summer seasons longer compared to the other seasons in a year. Also, the area has a high humid temperature which means an invitation for different sorts of pests to dwell in hidden areas and even human-populated areas such as homes and buildings.

Yes, you read that right. Have you ever heard of “Pig In The City”? Well, this is sort of like that. Only, you’re dealing with creepy and sneaky creatures and what makes it worse is that they could already be there in your home lingering around. This is where Go-Forth Home Services comes in, we have a lot of pest control services that are ready to cater to whatever it is you’re dealing with!

Take a look below:

  • Ant Control: First of all, ants are way more dangerous than you probably think. They eat materials and food just like roaches do! And they can even cause damage as much as termites can do. Surprising, right? This is why it is best to have these little creatures controlled and eradicated way before they multiply and create a colony in your home.
  • Bed Bug Control: Bed bugs are little creatures that like to dwell on our mattresses – thus the name “bed bugs”. They are little insects that like to feed off the blood from their hosts. Unlike mosquitoes that also feed on human blood though, they do not have wings. Neither do they have super strong legs like fleas. But what they do have are skills to go on hiding for long periods.
  • Mice Control: Don’t even get me started with this. Mice could be one of the freakiest pests out there! Not only they are hairy, furry, small, and squeaky, but they are unclean! These little creatures like to dwell in moist and damp places such as garages, attics, roofs, and even under kitchen sinks. They feed on almost anything which makes them very viable carriers of various viruses and bacteria.

Go-Forth Home Services can defeat these little creatures once and for all! All you have to do is call our nearest branch in your area to schedule a meeting and a pest inspection. Call in Go-Forth now and let’s ensure a safe household for you and your loved ones!