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Moth Control Company Near Greensboro, North Carolina


Greensboro is a city located at the county seat of Guilford County in the state of North Carolina. Among the other cities in the area, it is known to be as the third on the most populated cities in the state and ranks as 68th on the list of largest cities among the entire United States. The said city holds a population of an estimate of 260,000 people during the year 2010 and has carried through a population of 280,000 in estimation during the year 2015. The said city is known to house three interstate highways which are Interstate 40, Interstate 73 and Interstate 85.

Greensboro is previously spelled as Greensborough which was used for decades until the year 1895. It became the county seat of Guilford Court House upon the decision of the central courthouse square to make the place an accessible location for both those who travel on foot and through horse back in the day.

Being part of the North Carolinian region, the city of Greensboro experiences a humid subtropical climate that allows the people there to experience all four seasons in a year. The only difference being is that they have longer summer seasons and they tend to have warmer weathers because of the high humidity in the area.

Hence, the combination of warm temperatures and high wind humidity can create a very inviting environment for pests to dwell in. We’re talking about pests of different kind because generally, pests such as insects and other small creatures can easily find their way to our buildings, lawns and even your homes!

Go-Forth Home Services is here to either prevent or solve these pest issues for you.

Moth Control

Moths are probably one of the most dangerous insect pests humans can have contact with. Not only that they can cause different skin reactions for humans, but they can also create damage to different items and objects found in your homes aside from the usual flowers, bird droppings, fruits and the like, they can also feed on clothing items that are inside closets. It is important to know about your local pest control provider, Go-Forth Home Services in order to address the problem as early as possible. We provide general pest control services up to specialized pest control services which provides our customers variety in the services that they can choose to avail of.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are probably one of the most numerous pests there is. Not only that they multiply in large numbers, but it’s also because they can survive in almost any place so long as there is stagnant water and food supply. Mosquitoes like to feed from mammals, which means to them, humans and furry animals are basically the same. And this is where it becomes dangerous for humans to be bitten by mosquitoes simply because they can easily transfer bacteria from one of their hosts to another.

Go-Forth Home Services is here to help you get rid of these moths, mosquitoes and a lot other more. Call in our nearest branch now!