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Termite Control Company Near Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Winston-Salem is a city located just by the county seat of Forsyth County in North Carolina. The said city had an estimated total population of 245,549 during the year 2018 which made it the second largest municipality in the Piedmont Triad region. The metropolitan population of the said city covers to about 667,733 which makes it the fourth on the list of the largest metropolitan areas in all of North Carolina. The said number and population count is said to further increase during the next years.

Winston-Salem is known as the Twin City because of the dual heritage that it possesses. It is called as both City of the Arts and Innovation and as the Camel City. The City of the Arts Innovation was tagged to the city because of the native’s dedication to fine arts and theatrical involvements while the Camel City name was declared because of the historic significance of the country in the production of tobaccos during the earlier years.

The climate in North Carolina contributes greatly to how the people in the area behaves. They typically experience tropical like climate, although they still have all four seasons in a year just that the summer season is much longer compared to the rest. This type of weather behavior creates very inviting atmosphere and environment for different pests. Especially those who prefer to dwell in moist and damp spots.

Go-Forth Home Services is here to help you get rid of all your pest problems whether at home, at work or in your business. Our company provides various types of pest control treatments, some are discussed below:

Termite Control

The best termite control company in Winston-Salem is here, Go-Forth Home Services. We understand how nauseating dealing with these pests can be, but with the right team who’s got your back, there is nothing to worry about! Our team of professionals are sure to solve any termite issue going on at your home.

Cockroach Control

Roaches tend to multiply really fast. They tend to lay eggs that give birth to hundreds of roaches at a time. This makes it pretty hard for non professionals to eradicate their presence from a place. But Go-Forth Home Services professionals are sure foreclose the issue. We have the state of the art equipment that can reach even the farthest places in your home.

Ant Control

Next to Termites, ants are the most rampant pests any household can face. Ants can basically live almost anywhere and everywhere. Much more, they are able to slip into even the most hidden places such as house walls, closets and such. Any presence of an ant infestation will be detected by our Go-Forth Home Services professionals.

General Pest Control

Go-Forth Home Services takes pride in its highly trained professionals and state of the art equipment that are sure to render your house pest free! Call in our team now and schedule your inspection with us right away! Let us help you with your pest problem.