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Top 6 Pest Control Myths Busted


Pests can be found everywhere – even at your home. Whenever you see one, the first thing that comes to your mind is to exterminate it. However, you tend to ignore this idea because misconceptions keep on eating you.

Whether pests are at your home or not, you better start eliminating them before they start to evade your humble abode. One way to begin this is to get out of those pest control myths!

Let’s take a look at the famous myths that everyone including you keeps on believing which stops you from shooing away those pests.

Pests Only Like Filthy Places

Pests indeed like to live in dirty places. But don’t think that a having clean home makes you safe from pests. You got it wrong. No matter how clean your house is, pests will come over especially if they find the things that they are searching for – shelter, food, and water.

Seeing Cockroaches Mean Your House Is Dirty

Instances come when cockroaches surprisingly appear in your home, but it doesn’t mean that you have a dirty home. When a roach finds that your house is a place filled with food and provides a good shelter, it might bring along its friends which can lead to an infestation that is harder to deal with in the end.

No Signs Of Pests Mean There Is No Pest Infestation

To see is to believe is what you may always say but this might not be true at all times – when pests are the matter. If you don’t see any pests, it means your home is not infested. This is a total misconception! Termites can silently infiltrate your home without your knowledge. Better have your home checked to see if termites or carpenter ants are gradually tearing your biggest investment.

Mice Only Love Cheese

In general knowledge, everyone thinks that mice are only after the cheese or food crumbs in their kitchen. However, this is wrong. Surprisingly, mice and other rodents don’t look for cheese first, but they desire highly saturated sugar foods such as candies, peanut butter, and honey.

Putting Away Food Makes Pest Leave

Hiding food away from pests will not make them leave instead it will trigger them to search for more. Mice can run through small holes and climb and jump high which means no matter how elevated your food storage is, pests can still find them. So, don’t think that storing your food away from pests can already make them leave.

DIY Pest Control Can Get Rid Of Pests

The time comes when you settle for DIY pest controls to save money. But, it can’t be a good solution. Bedbugs, for example, are tiny which makes them hard to find. Once it infested your home, getting rid of it becomes harder. Thus, DIY pest control may not make a change.

There you go! These pest control myths should be eliminated first for you to deal with house pests successfully! If you want a low-cost pest control service in Columbia SC to eradicate those roaches, mice, bed bugs, termites, and other pests that keep on infiltrating your household, immediately contact Go-Forth Home Services and your house will be saved from pests!