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A Day In The Life Of A Hornets Fan


When you think things would be going smoothly, sometimes things would not go as planned.

It was a usual morning on a rather special day. After dropping off my two daughters to school, I went straight back home, wanting to finish off my usual daily chores earlier than usual. Why? There would be a big game later that day, an NBA game. You see, I am a big Charlotte Hornets fan; a big fan of them since the early ’90s. I loved its name “Hornets”, I feel like there is a certain competitive with the name. I cheered their every victory and mourned their defeat. Each game they play are very important to me and I watch every game they play on T.V.  That day was a bit special though, as they would face the defending champs, the Golden State Warriors.

So being a work from home single dad, I finished my work early, picked up the kids, helped them with their homework, and washed the dishes. By 7 PM, I was ready to watch the game. My daughters are fans too, and they joined me in what I expected to be a fun - filled, worry - free night.

But what was supposed to be an enjoyable night nearly turned into a disaster?  

While the beer was in my left hand and popcorn in the other, my eldest Shawn, let out an eardrum piercing scream. When I stopped to investigate, she told me it was a mouse, near the stairs. A mouse! How could that happen? I always thought of myself as a great handyman. I fix things around the house, and no pest could get through me. Stella, my youngest, now have both of her feet on the coffee table. Obviously, both were frightened. I gave them an assurance that there are no mice in the house. So I casually went near the stairs and, there it was. And then another! Now, I think of myself as a rather brave person, but I have to admit that mice scare me for some reason. But I had to act like I was not scared and I tried to shoo them away. And all this was happening while the game was on. The girls had no more appetite to finish the game, and the same was true for me.

As we were going upstairs, it was then that I realized that those little black pellets were actually mice droppings; that the health of my two daughters was now compromised because of their intrusion in our home.

The next day, after checking on the scores to see who had won, and we lost, I looked for the perfect pest control company in Charlotte who can help me get rid of these pests.  When I saw the Go-Forth Pest Control Company, the name rang a bell. I decided to check on their background in social media. There I discovered that they have favorable reviews: that they have state-of-the-art equipment used by highly skilled professionals, and with friendly customer service. No doubt, it was Go- Forth that I want. After their visit, we have been mice-free at home.

So if you are also looking for the best mice expert in North Carolina, just call the team of Go-Forth Home Services.  They can be reached at telephone number (877) 274-1475.