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Interesting Facts About Fleas


For flea expert in North Carolina, fleas have caused so much harm to both humans and their pets. To most of us, all we know is that they are pests that need to be eradicated from the face of the earth. Though we do not want them, there are some interesting things you might be interested in knowing about these pests. 

Here Are A Few Interesting Things About Fleas:

  1. Fleas used to be celebrities. Way before Hollywood stars became household names, fleas were the superstars of the entertainment world. In the flea circus, fleas were attached to miniature carts, bicycles, even some gym equipment. The first recorded flea circus was in the 1820s in Europe. In the United States, flea circuses were in operation until the 1970s. Flea circuses died down when producers found no more auditionees due to the dwindling flea population at that time.
  2. If you find fleas in your pets, treating your pet is not enough. You may find fleas in your sofas, carpets, beds, and anywhere your pets go to within the house. Eggs and pupae could be present. A good way to get rid of them is to use a vacuum cleaner and vacuum around the house.  
  3. Fleas are incredible jumpers; they can jump 110 times their length. When they jump, they accelerate 20 times faster than a space shuttle. Whooa! Very impressive! Very athletic!
  4. Evidence shows that fleas have been around since the dinosaur era. Their victims were the dinosaurs and they were much bigger than the present time fleas.
  5. Female fleas can lay up to 50 eggs a day. If half of the eggs become females, that would amount to at the very least 20,000 fleas in two months.
  6. Fleas can survive without eating for as long as 2 weeks. Their pupae can stay in their cocoons for 1 year. However, adult fleas can only lay eggs after a blood meal.
  7. Fleas are capable of transmitting disease. They carry bacteria that cause illnesses in humans.
  8. Your pets can develop allergies from flea bites. Once you have noticed your pets scratching intensely, bring your pet to the vet for immediate care.
  9. Fleas are credited for causing the “Black Death”. This happened in Europe during the Middle Ages. The Black Death almost wiped out the entire population of Europe and took almost 300 years for them to fully recover. Rodents were initially the suspects until further studies showed that fleas were the real culprits by carrying the bacteria Yersinia pestis.  
  10. Adult fleas’ feces is mainly blood. That is blood from animals and humans.  
  11. Fleas cannot survive in low humidity. They live in high humid areas.
  12. Fleas eat wherever they find fresh blood. They are not finicky eaters. Fleas can detect their next host through vibrations on the floor. They are also capable of detecting carbon dioxide that was exhaled by humans and animals. Whenever they detect their next hosts through these ways, they can simply use their jumping skills to latch on their next host. They do not choose whether it be a man, woman, child, dog, or cat. They just want to eat.

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