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Why Rodents Are Dangerous (And How To Get Rid Of Them)


Rodents are those disgusting little creatures who do no good for humanity, and instead bring in some of the worst diseases known to mankind.  The diseases they carry include rat bite fever, plague, Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome, leptospirosis, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, Lassa Fever, and Salmonellosis.  All in all, they spread more than 35 diseases You may opt to just ignore them, but the dangers are real.

Rodents are able to spread these diseases to humans through direct body contact, through their saliva, urine, or feces.


There are more than 2,000 species of rodents. Mice are the most common household pests among all rodents. They have short limbs, long tails, and two pairs of legs with claws. Their incisors in the upper and lower jaw are sharp, that is why they can easily bite through cardboard and even plastic bags.

How To Get Rid Of Them?

Here are some tips to get rid of these rodents:

    1. Seal holes inside and outside the home.  Mice enter your homes through tiny holes the size of a nickel.  Look for these small gaps around doors, the kitchen cabinets, around windows, near pipes, in the basement or crawl spaces, the sinks, around the foundation, and anywhere you think there could be holes.
    2. Use traps.   Use an appropriate snap trap.  Before setting the trap, read the instructions carefully.  You can use peanut butter the size of a pea as a trap. Place the snap trap beside the wall as mice feel defenseless when they are away from the walls. They feel safe beside the walls, so you always see them crawling there.
    3. Eliminate their food and water source. Keep your food away from these rodents. Place food in sealed containers. Use a thick plastic or metal containers. Rodents are capable of chewing through cardboard so remove your food from cardboard packages.   
    4. Clean up.  Cleaning your home prevents contact with rodents. Remove clutter around the house. Old papers, boxes, and cardboard that just sit around your house are favorite hiding places for rodents.
    5. Eliminate moisture in your homes.  Leaking pipes, leaking faucets,  and clogged drains are good breeding grounds for rodents.

If your rodent problems still persist, and that rodents have already infested your home, you might need help from licensed pest control professionals. If you want the best, then call Go-Forth Home Services Company.

Why Choose Go-Forth Home Services?

Go-Forth has been around serving customers for 60 years now. They only use state of the art equipment in rodent treatments and other pest problems like mosquitoes, ants, and many others. The company has a special team of technicians who employ family - friendly and pet friendly methods. They also offer same-day service, EPA approved pest extermination methods and discounts for regular service agreements.

Go-Forth is a family-owned exterminator company that has earned the trust of local homeowners and businesses alike.

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