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Purchasing A House? Why Not Try Hickory, NC?


It is every American’s dream to buy their own homes. We worked so hard as soon as we join the nation’s workforce with the hopes of saving enough money to invest in finding the right location and the perfect home to raise our families.

We cannot overstate the importance of due diligence when buying a home. If it is going to be your life’s biggest investment, you should not rush it no matter how exciting it is. If it has to take a year or to wait, then do so.

Hickory As The Place To Be

People from all over the United States have started to recognize how unique Hickory could be. It has restaurants that serve farm-to-table food, vibrant shops, an arts and cultural community that is second to none, and schools and universities that are among the best.

Our friends from the media have also recognized Hickory’s magnificence. Forbes, in 2018, ranks it at no. 1 for the “Best Places for Business and Careers 2018” for its low business costs. A recent article by says that Hickory is the 6th least expensive retirement town in the country. More and more people above the age of 65 have settled in Hickory. Area Development recently stated that Hickory as among the 2018 Leading Metro Locations. The National Geographic Travel, the most widely read travel magazine in the world, recognizes Hickory as one of this year’s Best Small Cities in America. According to USA Today, Hickory’s economy is the third biggest gainer or 2017.

Hickory today is seen by many as a great place to stay and raise a family. Business owners see Hickory as a progressive city and is a great place to invest. Tourists have come to enjoy its great sights and experience the culture that it has to offer. Hickory in North Carolina indeed is the best place for you, just come and visit us to see and feel its wonderful culture.

In Hickory, you also need not worry about your homes being ravaged by pests. The best pest experts in Hickory NC, Go-Forth Home Services, is just a phone call away. Go-Forth Home Services has been in the business since 1959 and has remained as one of the pioneer pest control company in Hickory.

Some Tips In Buying A Home

If you are wondering how you can practice due diligence in buying your home, especially if this is your the first time, let us help you. Here are some tips to guide you on your fantastic journey of buying a home.

  1. Know how much you can afford. Base it on your current income, to be safe. Yeah, you may think that soon you will be promoted and you will get a raise because you are working so hard, but that is not the point. Or you may even consider the bonuses and commissions that you will be getting. These are just future income and are not tangible yet. You may or may not get these, but the payments to your house will be real.
  2. Get the right real estate agent. This is a very important thing to do before you actually start looking for a house. For one, it will not cost you anything. They will be paid byte seller of the house through commissions. Then their experience and know-how are truly going to be helpful to you. They know the ins and outs of the real estate market, the processes, the neighborhood, and the houses for sale itself.
  3. Do your research. Check the local newspaper of Hickory, or the internet, or you may even ask around. Inquire about the neighborhood. Is it a safe neighborhood? Does it flood in the area? Is it going to be easy to commute going to the most important places? If you think the house is being sold at a too cheap a price, double check. Something might be wrong.
  4. Look for the bank with the most competitive loan program. Banks are competing for your attention, so definitely you can find the best one, just be patient about it. There are many loan programs that will suit your preference.
  5. Has your home been inspected? Check if the house for sale has structural damages. If it is damaged and you still want the house, you may renegotiate. Check for signs of pests, especially termites. The presence of termites will really be a game changer. The presence of termites in the house will definitely mean there are already damages in the house, albeit you may not see them. Ask for a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report from the seller.

Secure A Certification That The House You Will Buy Is Termite-Free

Do not be shy and ask for a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report, it is your right as a buyer. This is part of doing due diligence. This report is used to document the presence or absence of insects that can destroy the house and is often a requirement when buying, selling, or refinancing a home. In this report, it is also pointed out whether the house is already at risk for an attack by these wood-destroying insects.

A homeowner who wishes to sell his house can get an expert to inspect it and acquire a Wood Destroying Insect Report. The best pest control expert in Hickory NC, Go-Forth Pest Control Company, is licensed by the state to produce such report for you. They have highly skilled and well-trained technicians who can do a detailed inspection of homes that are up for sale.

Having Termites In The House Will Cause Huge Problems

Once you find that there are termites in the house, then there will be huge problems. In case you do not know yet, termites have caused billions of dollars in damages in the United States alone. What's more, they are hidden within view, and their damages are well hidden until it is too late.

There are 2,000 species of termites worldwide, but only 40 are in the United States. The most common of these are the subterranean, Formosan, dry woods, and damp wood termites. Of these four, the subterranean termites cause the most damage. They have sharp teeth that can damage the wood. They also eat paper, books, and other cellulose-based items in your homes. The Formosan termites are the most aggressive termites and they damage houses faster than any termites because they multiply quickly and can number into millions. Dampwood termites prefer a place with high moisture, while drywood termites do not need moisture to thrive.

Termite Warning Signs

If you spot a house that you like, and you have the time, you can spot some of the signs that the house has termites. Here are some of the things to look out for: Wood that sounds hollow when tapped. Termites eat the inner part of the wood, leaving the outer casing intact. Try tapping on exposed wood to know if it has hollow sounds; audible tapping from places that are heavily infested by termites. These tapping sounds may come from the termites; Mud tubes on walls or wood beams; signs of termite frass or droppings; if in case you spot even just one termite, it means many more are hidden. Do not confuse termites from ants. Termites have a rectangular shaped body, while ants have narrowing at their waists, and have large heads; discarded termite wings can be seen around the house; floors that are sagging and hollow wood. Termites burrow into wood, which weakens the wood and produces hollow sounds.

If you find these signs, you may have to think twice before buying the house.

Carpenter Ants

Another wood-destroying insect to watch out for is the carpenter ants. These ants do not eat wood, but rather burrow into the wood and form soft tunnels. They do chew through the wood. Carpenter ants are about a ½ inch to a ⅜ inch long. Their colors may be black, red, or brown.

Signs Of Carpenter Ants

Aside from physically seeing a carpenter ant, another sign of carpenter ants infestation is the appearance of holes on wood. Through these holes, the ants expel debris that appears like sawdust, which would then accumulate near the holes. If you see these. Then that is a good sign that the house is infested.

However, no one is really stopping you from buying the house even with the presence of these pests. Perhaps, you find the house too perfect that you are willing to overlook these pests; just try to renegotiate the price. You can take care of the pest problem later on, by calling in the best pest expert in Hickory NC, Go-Forth Home Services.

Go-Forth Home Services Has Served Hickory Since 1959

Go-Forth Home Services is a family-owned company that has earned the trust of residents and businesses in Hickory for more than 50 years. They have excellent experience in pest control, using state of the art equipment that is second to none. Their team of experts is very professional, highly skilled, and well-trained.

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