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Does Every House Have Roaches? (Winston-Salem Exterminators)


The cockroach is one of the worst pests to have indoors. They are the nastiest and most disturbing creatures that walked the earth. People think that roaches are harmless in the household. Well, if you see the damages on food packaging and clothing, roaches are your number one suspects.

Yes! They can chew and destroy food packaging. If they’re desperate for food, they come out at night and slowly tear their way to your food. According to entomologists, roaches can damage clothing as well. When food stains, spilled beverages, and sweat stains attract roaches, they tear through the fabric causing holes and tears.

Aside from these damages, roaches can bring illnesses as well. If you don’t believe me, here are the common diseases that roaches bring to families. 

Diseases From Cockroaches


Escherichia coli is common in the environment. It can be found on foods, animals, including animals. E. coli includes a variety of bacteria, most of which are harmless. However, some strands cause urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and respiratory illnesses.

Cockroaches are the leading insect that transmits the bacteria. Humans contract the disease by ingesting the excrement, vomit, and shedding of roaches. Once they do, expect the following symptoms: high fever, vomiting, muscle pains, nausea, and headache. If you have roaches, call roach control in Winston-Salem, NC to prevent this illness. 


Cockroaches can also transmit the salmonella bacteria that cause symptoms of food poisoning. According to research, these pesky creatures acquire these bacteria when they feed on contaminated food. Once the bacteria enter their system, it will remain in their digestive tract for about 60 days before they excrete it through vomiting or excreting feces. Doctors state that if you experience diarrhea, vomiting, and fever, you might have Salmonellosis. Don’t be alarmed.  Most patients recover from the disease. The only people who experience complications are those with weaker immune systems such as children and the elderly.

If you suspect your children to have contracted the disease, avoid treating them on your own. Seek medical advice from professionals to ensure the fast recovery of your loved ones. 


Cholera is an illness that is common in areas with poor environmental management. Due to uncontrolled urbanization and poor irrigation techniques, cholera has become more common in third world countries. But they’re not the only ones who experience the disease. Anybody who lives in untidy surroundings is at risk of contracting the illness.

Roaches are one of the common pest species that transmit the disease.  They can spread it through their vomit, saliva, and fecal excrements.  If human beings and animals accidentally ingest contaminated foods and beverages, they will soon experience the symptoms of cholera.

Medical practitioners note that the symptoms of cholera include but are not limited to diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration. If a patient is not tended to, it could lead to complications such as electrolyte imbalance that can lead to muscle cramps and hypovolemic shock. Without medical intervention, the complications could lead to death within minutes.

If these illnesses do not drive you into taking action, I don’t know what will. If the cockroach infestation gets worse, it will compromise your health as a family. If I were you, I’d invest in DIY tools for pest management. This is better compared to paying expensive bills from hospitalization.

Before we tackle the different methods to eliminate roaches, let’s look into some facts that can give us insight into their behavior and habitats. This way, we can assess where, when, and how to properly apply DIY strategies for cockroach management. 

Facts About Roaches

  1. Do you know why roaches are considered one of the dirtiest species on this planet? It's because of their habit of crawling on the nastiest places such as sewer lines and drainage pipes. Then, you'll find them crawling all over your clothing and utensils. Can you imagine how fast they can spread bacteria with these activities? 
  2. Roaches are one of the fastest reproducing insects on the planet. Have you ever observed a cockroach laying an egg? That capsule-like shell that comes out of their rear is called an ootheca. It contains at least 50 cockroach eggs. When they hatch, these roaches grow rapidly and uncontrollably. If their infestation is unprecedented, it could lead to a full-on infestation. It would be more difficult to eliminate them.   
  3. Out of all the 4,600 cockroach species, there are only 30 that can infest households. The most common of them all is the German cockroach. These are black-brown roaches we often see in the kitchen and bathroom. 
  4. Did you know that these creatures are found by entomologists to have lived for more than 359 million years? Their fossils are dated way back in the Carboniferous period. I wonder how roaches survived all this time. Is there a secret to their longevity? 
  5. If you scream the loudest when a German roach flies towards you, I can only imagine your reaction if you see the biggest cockroach of all. Did you know that the biggest recorded roach is about 3.8 inches long? It is called the Megaloblattalongipennis which can be found in Central and South America. 
  6. According to entomologists, these creatures can survive a nuclear attack. Unlike animals and humans that rely on meat and vegetables to eat, roaches can eat debris. They can eat everything. From this information, it's not a surprise they survived all this time. 
  7.  Another interesting fact about roaches is their ability to sustain their bodies for one month without eating. They can maintain a really low metabolism rate which is only employed by a few insect species. How lucky roaches are that they are bestowed that ability? 
  8. The only time they infest homes is to seek shelter and water. While they can live for one month without solid food, they cannot live for three days without water. Cockroaches are hydrophilic, meaning, they love water so much that they cannot live without it. This is the main reason we see them in the kitchen and the bathroom where there is excess moisture. This gives you an idea of how to eliminate these pesky creatures. 
  9. Has anyone tried cutting off a cockroach's head? You think you killed them for good but no! They can live for an additional 14 days without their head. Unlike humans and animals that rely on their nose to breathe, roaches can breathe through their spiracles. These are holes all over their bodies which they can use for respiration. 

This also works when you drown them or flush them down the drain. You'll be surprised that they will still live. Did you know that they can hold their breath for more than 30 minutes? This gives them more than enough time to escape the fate you decided for them.   

How To Get Rid Of Roaches At Home

Knowing how icky and dangerous these creatures are, it's time you know how to prevent and eliminate them. Here are a few tips to apply for cockroach home remedies control and management.

According to experts, the best way to maintain a cockroach-free home is through regular cleaning. This removes all the attractants that lead them into establishing a nest inside your house. When you employ effective housekeeping strategies, make sure to eliminate clutter, food stains, food crumbs, and dirt all over your home. If not, they see it as a comfortable environment suitable for breeding.

Another way of keeping roaches away is by sealing every entryway they can pass through. Not only does this keep them away but also inside. When you administer traps and baits, there's no way they can leave your house. They will be driven to fall into your traps.

As we have discussed, moisture attracts roaches. To prevent their infestations, reduce moisture levels at home by fixing leaky pipes. You can also use a dehumidifier to eliminate excess moisture. Luckily, you can purchase these at the nearest department stores and hardware stores. 

Does Every House Have Roaches?

This is one of the most common questions of homeowners. To tell you the truth, even the White House probably has roaches. It must be the most secure place in the United States but they also experience pest infestations. Considering how busy the location is, the caretakers don't have time to check every nook and cranny for cockroach eggs and larvae. For all they know, the roaches have nested in between the walls and under its floorboards. This is why they call for professional exterminators the second signs of an infestation arise. This way, they can easily control all kinds of pests without hassle. 

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