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How Much Does It Cost For An Exterminator? (Garner Exterminators)


Pest exterminators are important in society nowadays because pest problems keep on arising. Even the pests that have been long gone are coming back and they become a major household problem for everyone.

Vermin like cockroaches, wasps, bed bugs, termites, rodents, ants, and more should be handled by Garner Exterminators because these pests are not easy to handle. Some pests may be harmless to you but when they bite or attack you, it can put you, your family, pets, and property in great danger so you should not underestimate vermin flying or crawling around your home.

Pests will come and go but most of them will stay if they find your home too attractive. Moisture, food sources, warmth, and filth are some of the things that lure pests. Perhaps, when you have these at home, they will immediately come and will never leave. If you want to avoid them and their infestations, a pest exterminator is what you need to call.

There are thousands of pest exterminators that you can hire but not all are highly skilled. You should know that when you call for an exterminator, it is not for free hence you have to pay for the services he will provide you. Because of this, some are not getting an exterminator due to the high rates.

Are you wondering how much it will cost you to hire an exterminator? Let’s find out here!

The Average Cost Of An Exterminator

Letting a pest exterminator do pest control in your home is beneficial because you are allowing a professional to handle your pest issues. We know how great pest exterminators are in doing their work so hiring one will give you peace of mind. However, even though everyone knows how great it is to work with an exterminator, they still have second thoughts because of the price.

When you hire an exterminator, your average cost would be $350 to $1000. These prices are only estimated ones and they can change depending on your pest problems. The treatments as well can change in prices because exterminating ants or termites is far difficult. The price for an exterminator will range from the pest you have and the severity of the problem. You should know that you are not only paying for the exterminator, but you are paying for the services rendered such as inspections, pest identification, treatments, and more. If you want to resolve your pest control issues, choosing the best pest control services is a good decision though you need to prepare your budget.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of An Exterminator

Computing the cost for an exterminator can give you a headache especially if your home is under a lot of pest issues. You will keep on thinking why an exterminator’s service is worth hundreds of dollars.

Here are the factors affecting the cost of an exterminator:

Pest Type

One of the factors affecting the cost of an exterminator is the pest type. Not all pests infest the same way. Some may be easy to remove while others need a lot of time for them to be fully exterminated. Each pest is unique so the ways they behave, eat, and infest are different from each other. That's why using a pest control product for ants will not work on cockroaches or vice versa. This is where an exterminator comes in. Since pests behave differently, an expert can easily know which method will work on the present pest you have at home. The cost of exterminating termites is different from exterminating bed bugs.

Here are the average prices for removing certain pests at home:

  • Ants – the average cost for ants is $250 or more. If you have carpenter ants, the price is higher. The first spray for carpenter ants will cost you $500 and this is because this type of ant is more destructive than other types since it can damage properties.
  • Cockroaches – the average price for removing cockroaches in your home is $300 and that’s for the initial treatment only.
  • Termites – the cost for exterminating termites can vary. If you only need a termite inspection, it will range from $75 to $150 as an average cost. But, if you already know you have termites and would like to get rid of them as quickly as possible, you need to spend $1000 as a starting payment and that’s only for the initial spray
  • Bed bugs – another hardy pest to remove is bed bugs and you need to expect a high price to get rid of it. Bed bug removal’s average cost is from $200 up to $400 and it will be per room. If you have 3 rooms infested by bed bugs, you have to pay $600 or more.
  • Rodents – if you have rodents at home, the average cost for rodent control is $300.

The list for the average costs of each pest will go on but if you decide to have an exterminator, you should know that the price will depend on the pest type you have at home. The more complicated the pest is, the pricier.


Hiring an exterminator will depend on your needs. You can hire them for once, quarterly, or yearly. The price for the frequency of availed services will also vary. If you want a one-time visit from an exterminator, it may cost you a bit because the professional will do it once. The price range is $300 to $500 because the exterminator will have to inspect your home for entry points for nesting places of pests. If you decide to have an initial visit that is included in the contract, you have to spend at least $180 and this is the time when an exterminator will check your home to know the pest problems in your property. You can also decide to have a monthly visit that can cost $45, semi-monthly visit for $60, and a quarterly visit that can cost up to $300. 

Location Of Pests

Some pests can be easily reached while some need some digging or thorough treatment for them to be reached. The location of pests can also affect the price of an exterminator. If your pest problems are only found in reachable places, the price will be less but if your pest problems are found inside walls, structures, foundations, below floors, and other unreachable areas, then the price will also be higher.

Extermination Methods Used

Since eliminating pests will never be easy, an exterminator will use effective methods so that your pest problem will be removed and be gone for good. But, the extermination method used can also affect the cost of an exterminator. If the method is human and eco-friendly, you don’t have to pay much but if the extermination process needs equipment or conventional ways, it might cost you more.

These are the factors that can affect the cost of an exterminator. If you plan to get an exterminator, you should know the cost you have to pay so that you will not be surprised when it is time to pay. It will cost you up to thousands of money but it will always have a deciding factor. If you only want pesticides to be applied in the perimeter of your house, and a one-time visit, this will only be around $350 but if you want fumigation, cleaning your home, and repairing damage inside and outside of your property, you have to pay high because an exterminator will have to do a lot of things to deliver your requests.

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