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Pest Control For Fleas (Apex Exterminators)


Pets are nature’s way of telling us that angels do not only come on wings but also on paws. Cats and dogs are the best pets to have in a lifetime. They are sweet, caring, and loving to their family. It is apparent we give them as much love they give us. This includes giving them the best care we can.

We need to provide their necessities that include secure shelter and food. Apart from this, they also need regular baths and grooming. This will help eliminate and prevent the most common enemy of animals–fleas.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are small insects that feed on our pets for survival. These creatures are agile and fast. It’s difficult to catch them using our fingers. This is why experts recommend upgrading methods for flea control.

These creatures are common worldwide. Our pets can catch them through a variety of means. For example, playing with flea-infested animals and playing in flea-infested places. Many neglects to see the dangers that fleas bring. Little do they know the dangers that these pesky creatures cause. For one, fleas are the number one cause of pet discomfort. In extreme numbers, it could lead to several skin diseases. If not treated, it results in severe complications.

Another illness that fleas bring is tapeworms. Many find it hard to believe this possibility. However, entomologists have proven that fleas harbor these parasites. We all know how dogs and cats chew and lick their fur to scratch their bodies. If they accidentally ingest an infected flea, they will contract the tapeworm and will grow inside their bodies.

Fleas can also cause anemia among cats and dogs. Although this happens rarely, it is not impossible among smaller dogs. If the amount of blood consumed by fleas is more than what’s produced by their bodies, your pet will experience anemia. The symptoms of this illness are paleness of the gums, dry nose, lethargy, loss of appetite, and insomnia. You need to become a keen observer to assess these symptoms. If not, it could lead to permanent damage to the well-being of our pets.

Facts About Fleas

Fleas are very disturbing creatures. To understand more about their habits, let’s get to know some of the most interesting facts about these pesky creatures:

  1. Fleas can pose problems to human beings as well. Despite what people think that fleas only feed on animal blood, some fleas target human beings as well. If your house is infested, you can feel fleas jumping all over your body. Partly because some of the eggs that hatched are on your sofa, bed, and flooring. If they can’t get to your pet’s fur on time, they’ll resort to humans for a meal. If fleas target the human skin, it can lead to dermatitis and other skin infections. In extreme cases, it could lead to tapeworms and anemia. If you have newborns at home, you need to keep a close eye on their skin. They might be victims of flea infestations.
  2. Fleas are considered winter pests. This is not because of their ability to withstand the cold but the opposite. These creatures are sensitive to extreme temperatures. This is the reason why they choose to dwell on the animal coat. It serves as an insulator for cold and heat. If you want to target fleas, bathe your pet regularly especially during the summer where their activity as its peak.
  3. Fleas are very acrobatic. Small as they are, these creatures have very powerful legs. Did you know that fleas can jump as high as 6 to 7 inches vertically? Their legs are well-developed that they use to escape when they’re in trouble.
  4. According to entomologists, cat flea is the most common type of flea. Despite its name, it is not limited to cat fur. They feed on every mammal. The worst part of these fleas is they are harder to eliminate than other species. They are smaller and way more agile than other fleas. Sometimes, not even the flea comb can segregate them from your pet’s fur.
  5. Flea dirt is the number one symptom of a flea infestation. If you want to if your pet has fleas. Examine their fur using a comb. Flea dirt looks like specs of pepper. These are the excrements of fleas after feeding. If you place a sample of flea dirt on a wet tissue, it will turn red after a while.

Why Not Use Pesticides For Flea Control?

The dangers brought by fleas are disturbing. This is why we need to learn how to eliminate them quickly. Many people suggest using pesticides as a quick fix for flea control. However, this is not recommended by the World Health Organization.

Pesticides consist of harmful substances designed to kill ants, fleas, mice, and other pests. Some people don’t realize the dangers of pesticides. If they only knew the incidence of food poisoning and other pesticide-related illnesses, people will be dissuaded from using these chemicals.

Pesticides are indeed effective in killing insects. However, using these chemicals will only bring more danger to human health, animal health, and general environmental health. When people use these chemicals, the residue settles on water and land resources. This puts consumers and surrounding living things at risk of developing a variety of diseases.

Did you know pesticide-related illnesses are some of the leading causes of death in third-world countries? This is the reason WHO advocates the limit of pesticide use. The organization aims to protect people, animals, and the environment by setting the maximum limit of pesticides in establishments, farms, and other areas. Try this company that specializes in flea control near me.

How Can I Eliminate Fleas Without Pesticides?

There are a variety of products you can use to eliminate fleas. From spot-on treatments to oral medications, sprays, perfumes, and shampoos, you can try all to see what works best. But before you use these products, make sure to read the label and follow the instructions by the manufacturer. For the best methods of flea control for the pets, visit the nearest vet and have them recommend treatments for your pet.

The veterinarian knows the best products in treating infestations based on the breed, age, and weight of your pet. The vet also assesses the allergies of your pet. So, they can recommend products that will not trigger any adverse reaction. Here are some of the common products recommended by vets:

Topical Solutions

This requires you to apply a few drops of the solution onto your pet’s nape. There are instances where manufacturers require to apply it on your pet’s shoulder and armpits. Depending on the brand of the topical solution, there is a specific amount and area of application. So, you need to read the label first for its optimum effects.

The reason why these solutions are popular is their ability to get rid of fleas from 12 to 24 hours. The best part is it also works as a protection from other pests such as ticks. It can be reapplied after two weeks to one month depending on the population of fleas and the severity of flea infestation on the environment.

Chewable Tablets or Oral Medications

This is an effective way to get rid of flea infestations. If your pet is allergic to topical solutions, this could be an option for you. But before you let your pet take it, consult the vet or read the label to understand the dosage.

Flea Powders

This is another cost-effective method to remove fleas. It can be applied as needed. It can be used for protection and elimination. As much as possible, use organic flea powders to protect your pet’s skin from allergies. Consult a vet for recommendations as to which flea powder is best for your pet.

How To Prevent Future Infestations

Now that we know how to eliminate fleas from our pet’s fur, it’s time to understand the ways how to prevent them. Here are the most common procedures to apply to permanently get rid of fleas from home.

  1. Wash all of your pet’s toys and clothing. This will eliminate the eggs and fleas that dwell on them. Wash these with soap and water. If possible, dry them with high heat so the eggs will die during the process.
  2. Also, when applying treatments, don’t forget the smallest and farthest nook and cranny of your house. This way, you can ensure that the fleas and eggs do not have any pace to escape during treatment.
  3. Get a vacuum. This helps in eliminating flea eggs, larvae, and developing pupae. Too much activity will drive fleas away from your house. This is why you need to clean regularly to deter them from dwelling inside your house.
  4. Treat your yard regularly. Most fleas come from the outside environment. To prevent fleas for good, you should make your lawn a fortress against them. Use essential oils and flea traps to eliminate fleas in your garden. So, whenever your pet plays and walks around, there is less chance of catching pests.

These are only a few of the ways to eliminate fleas from home.

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