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Pest Control With Toddlers (Wake Forest Exterminators)


What do you first think about when you see pests roaming around your home? Most people would worry that their house is not clean enough. Some worry that they could cause damage to their structure and belongings. And others worry that their children are in danger of pest-associated diseases.

You can’t blame them for being anxious about the effects brought by pests. Cases of house damage and illnesses are reported every year. This is the reason why thorough prevention should be observed inside and outside the house.

People recommend using pesticides as an easier way to eliminate unwanted insects. Although these serve their purpose well, we cannot deny the negative effects it has on human beings, animals, and the environment in general.

Pesticides have an abysmal aim. They kill pests indeed but they eliminate the beneficial insects along with it. This causes an imbalance in the ecosystem. It facilitates a ripple effect that endangers plants and animals in surrounding areas. When its residues settle on water sources and crops, anybody who ingests it will acquire pesticide-associated illnesses such as food poisoning, organ failure, or worse, cancer.

According to several studies, infants and toddlers exposed to different types of pesticides are prone to developmental delays such as speech disorders, fine and motor dysfunctions, and many more. Doctors also report pesticides to cause psychological disorders such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Down Syndrome.

The World Health Organization itself limits the use of pesticides in farms and gardens. According to experts, people should only consider using these harmful pesticides during emergencies and extreme infestations. Wake Forest area exterminators along with other pest control professionals don’t even recommend using it. If ever they would use such chemicals, there should be preparation and precaution for residents. This puts the risks of pesticide use at a minimum.

So, how do you prevent and eliminate pests without using these harmful substances? Here are a few tips:

Pest Elimination & Prevention Strategies

You don’t have to use pesticides to get rid of unwanted pests indoors and outdoors. Here are do-it-yourself tips to eliminate pests.

Eliminate Food Sources

This is the most practical way to eliminate pests indoors. The main reason why various pests such as roaches, ants, and mice infest homes is the presence of potential food. To get rid of them, you need to remove anything that attracts them such as food crumbs and food stains.

Vacuum your surroundings regularly, especially couches, rags, mats, and under-tables. If possible, wipe them with a wet cloth drenched in soap and water. This will get rid of the stains and the smell of food. Another way you can eliminate food sources is by regular sweeping. This will help eliminate the crumbs that the vacuum cannot reach. 

Clean Dirty Dishes

Do not neglect to wash the dirty dishes every time you eat. Make sure to eliminate the stains thoroughly to avoid pests from crawling on them. Dry the cups, dishes, and spoons and place them in a tightly sealed compartment where pests cannot enter. This helps prevent contamination of utensils.

Remove Sources of Extra Moisture

Cockroaches, ants, and mice love moisture. It is one factor that determines a suitable environment for breeding and survival. This is the reason why you can often see these creatures in the kitchen and the bathroom. They bask in the moisture of the environment at night while people sleep.

One way to eliminate these pests is by fixing leaky pipes and eliminating all sources of excess moisture. You can use a dehumidifier to control moisture build-up. Another technique to apply is drying the bathroom floors and the kitchen sink before going to bed. This helps deter pests from crawling on the walls, floors, and compartments. If their needs are not met, they will be forced to evacuate and look for another home. 

Seal Entryways of Pests

Experts recommend sealing every possible entrance that pests can use to enter your home. Do not underestimate these insects. Even the smallest holes can accommodate them. For example, bed bugs have the body width of an ATM card. The tiniest crack allows them to get inside. This is the reason why you need to double-check, triple-check, and even quadruple-check every nook and cranny of your house. See if there is any passageway where pests can get through. 

Use Traps

This is effective in eliminating roaches and mice. But first, you need to assess the severity of the infestation and the size of the mice you see at home. It gives you an idea of the number of traps you need and how sturdy they need to be.

One of the most common traps to use at home is the glue board. To use, strategically place the boards on areas where pest activity is rampant. Place some food in the middle and wait it out until pests fill the board. This helps you maximize the space of the trap to save more money. But if you think the glue board already trapped every pest you intend to eliminate, dispose of the board to avoid the pests to rot inside your house. 

Diatomaceous Earth

Most people don’t understand how this works. Many do not even think of it as effective. To tell you the truth, this natural powder is one of the most cost-effective measures of pest control. It is safe for human and animal contact.

This powder is made up of diatoms or fossilized algae. It works by destroying the outer skin of pests, and dehydrating these creatures until they die. You can use this to deter roaches, ants, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and many more.

To use, simply sprinkle an amount of DE on floors, tables, and compartments. Spread it thinly. Let it sit for one to two days then clean it. Replace it with another set of powder. Do this regularly to prevent any pests from laying eggs anywhere in your home. This powder makes them so uncomfortable.

Although Diatomaceous Earth does not kill insects as fast as pesticides, they are better to use. There are theories that cockroaches are slowly building tolerance for pesticides. This is because of the misguided use of these chemicals. But if you use Diatomaceous Earth, pests do not have to ingest it. They only need to get in touch with it. 

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are very beneficial to the human body. Aside from the fact that they foster relaxation and other meditative effects, they also help avert some bodily pains. Lavender, for example, helps induce sleep and relaxation. It relieves infections and helps fight bacteria. According to experts, Lavender also helps reduce muscle spasms and relieve flatulence. But there’s more to it! You can also use it to deter pests.

While the smell of Lavender is heavenly to humans, it is irritating to pests. It causes seizures and panic attacks in these insects. If you mix the oil with water and spray it regularly on infested areas, you’ll drive the pests mad.

Essential oils are effective in deterring cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, mice, and many more. Other oils you can use are Citronella, Tea Tree, Neem, and Peppermint. Have a spray bottle in-store and buy yourself some oils you can use to eliminate pests at home. 

Coffee Grounds

Coffee has an addicting smell and taste. People cannot start their mornings without it. If you have coffee grounds at home, you can use it to create a barrier and keep pests away! Place some coffee grounds on the base of your home, particularly at the bottom of doors and windows. This helps deter various pests from coming inside. 


This is yet another practical way to eliminate pests. Seeing that it is a common commodity at home, it is available for use anytime. You can use this to kill pests and make the environment unattractive to them. Simply sprinkle some salt around and let them catch it. This will cause a burning sensation in their bodies. It inhibits them from breeding. Plus, it discourages the growth of nymphs and larvae.

Garlic Spray

If you don’t have any essential oil to use for pest elimination, use garlic. It’s very simple to create your garlic spray. Just boil cloves of garlic and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Make sure that the smell is strong enough to deter pests. If not, add more cloves until you get the perfect solution.

When you’re done, spray it to your surroundings. Better yet, observe your environment and determine where the peak of the infestation is. That’s where you spray the repellent. Do this regularly and frequently, depending on the severity of the infestation and you can eliminate pests in no time. 

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