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Does Having Mice Means Your Place Is Dirty? (Mooresville Exterminators)

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Having pests in your house or business, specifically, mice does not mean you are not spending enough time to clean your place or that your house is dirty. Mice are naturally born scavengers and they will look for food, shelter, and water whenever and wherever they want to. These creatures do not take cleanliness as a factor when looking for shelter or a breeding place. So even if your home or business establishment is spotlessly clean, you can still expect them to be there. Do not feel sad or upset when there are unwanted visitors in your house though. Their presence does not mean it is messy or filthy in your home. It is just that they find your house as a source of food and shelter.

Locals of Mooresville are fully aware of this. That's why they are happy that their friendly neighborhood Mooresville exterminators are always ready to help each time a mouse shows up in their houses. Let us learn more about mice, shall we?

Signs That There Are Mice In Your House:

  • Droppings - The most obvious sign that there are mice living in your house is if you see droppings. Mice can excrete 50 to 80 drops per night because they eat a lot. Mice droppings are typically small and about ¼-inch in length. Fresh and newer droppings are darker and shinier while older droppings look chalky and dry. Rat droppings are actually similar in shape but of course larger. You will normally see these scattered in places where they usually stay and hide. Best to check your cupboards, behind appliances, or along the floorboards. 
  • Urine - These creatures urinate frequently and their urine has a strong, unique, and musky odor that can linger for a long time. In case you are able to find the exact spot where they release their urine, it is advisable to immediately clean and disinfect the area. This is because these contain viruses that can be transmitted to humans. You can use alcohol or a mixture of bleach and water as your solution. Let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes so it will kill the germs and remove the odor.
  • Nests - One of the reasons why mice invade your home sweet home is because they need shelter or a place to stay too. Mice build their nests by using materials they chewed like shredded papers, cardboards, and many more. They normally build their nests in dark places and where they are safe from humans. You can check behind fridges, ceilings, attics, lofts, and behind or underneath furniture.
  • Scratching and squeaking noise - Mice are most active at night. If you suspect an infestation, you can check and listen for scratching and squeaking sounds behind walls. You can also check in the ceiling, basements, and loft. Mice squeak because this is their way to communicate with other mice. You can use this sign to locate where they are hiding. This can help you identify where you can place baits and traps. 
  • Gnaw marks - Mice often leave gnaw marks on things they tried to destroy. When they want to enter places, their way is through plastic, wood, vinyl, aluminum, and many more. So if you see gnaw marks inside your place, this means that there are indeed mice inside your house. 
  • Chewed food wrappers or small pieces of food like fruits, nuts, and bread - When you see small pieces of food in some areas in your house and you are a hundred percent sure that you did not eat those, it’s then a sign that there are mice in your house. Mice eat a lot. They can open boxes of cereals, biscuits, and other kinds of food that are not properly sealed. If you suspect that the food in your kitchen has been eaten by mice, don't dare eat it! Mice’ saliva, urine, and feces contain salmonella - a kind of bacterial infection that can be transmitted to humans. If you get infected, you’ll experience headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. This could also lead to a more serious problem such as liver failure, meningitis, kidney damage, and even death.

Are There Ways To Prevent Them From Invading My Place?

The fact that there are mice inside our house is quite disturbing. Knowing you have unwanted visitors where you live will surely make you worry and will let you think of steps to get rid of them. Mice are small creatures but they are a real threat. They carry different kinds of diseases to human beings and could cause serious property damage. But before we go any further, why don’t we make sure first that they do not have any reason to get inside our place and no ways or means to get in? As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure so it is best to follow the steps below so we do not have to deal with them in the future:  

  1. Consider getting a cat or dog as pets - Cats and dogs are known as longtime enemies but you’ll be surprised to know that they make a good team for keeping rodents away. Aside from keeping the mice away from your territory, cats also eat mice which means that if you already have one inside the household and the cat spots them, they will surely not survive and would not even attempt to live there. Not all dogs eat mice though, and it is not safe for them to do so as well. However, just like cats, dogs can scare mice away so there are fewer chances mice will attempt to run around your house if you have a dog in your house. 
  2. Seal the exterior of your home - When there are holes in your house or you keep your doors and windows open at all times, there is a higher chance your house will be infested so it is important to keep your house closed if you do not want these unwanted guests in your home. An adult mouse can enter a hole the size of a dime because they have the ability to squeeze into wherever they want to. If they find it too small, they can easily just chew it to make a larger hole and get inside. 
  3. Make sure your house is clean - It may be true that good sanitation will not stop mice and rats from coming but this does not mean you are not going to clean your place at all. If you do not want pests, you have to ensure your place is clean all the time. Food, warmth and clutters are what attracts them the most. Mice love to eat. In fact, they eat from 15-20 times a day, so just imagine how often they search for food. If there are leftover scraps and crumbs, this will attract them. Wash your dishes immediately, wipe and clean your tops, and put your food like bread, cookies, and chips in an airtight container. Again, good sanitation will not get rid of mice but this ensures that the risk of getting your place infested is less because they will have fewer places to hide. 
  4. Keep your trash cans closed - Dispose of your trash regularly and do not leave it open. Leaving the trash bin open will invite not just mice and rats but also other pests like flies, cockroaches, and many more. Remove any spilled garbage if there’s any. 

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Case Of Infestation?

In the event that your place gets infested by mice, there are methods you can try to eliminate them. Chemicals you can buy over the counter, pest-reject machines, and DIY baits and traps. These are just some of the options to choose from. Some of these methods might work but some may not. It really varies on the severity of infestation. If you want a stress-free and guaranteed effective pest control, you might want to consider hiring a trusted pest control company. Hiring the right company to help you solve your pest problem is important if you do not want headaches. Yes, it is true that there are a lot of pest control companies out there but if you are looking for a trusted and worthy one, choose Go-Forth Home Services. Go-Forth is simply the best local mice exterminator in Mooresville. 

Why Choose Go-Forth Home Services?

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