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Pest Control To Get Rid Of Lizards (Greenville Exterminators)

a lizard on a rock

Lizards are reptiles with over 6,000 species. One of the most common kinds of lizards is the gecko or what they call house lizards. From the name itself, we find this in houses or business establishments. House lizards are non-venomous according to studies, and they are not harmful to human beings. The life of a lizard is very interesting. Most of the young ones are self-sufficient and can run, walk, and feed on their own. Adult lizards can live or survive from 18 months to 7 seven years. But some of them can last up to 50 years. This all depends on their species. These creatures have different defense mechanisms and one of these defenses is biting.

Given the fact that they do not attack. Or cause serious problems to humans just like other pests, some people just let them roam around inside the house. Some homeowners do not mind them. However, while there are people who do not actually care if there are lizards around, there are also people who are afraid and not happy seeing lizards inside their house. If you are one of them, you’ll find this article interesting. We will be discussing easy hacks to get rid of lizards. 

Why do Lizards Live in my House?

Lizards are present almost everywhere. They can be living inside our houses, in the trees, forest, while some others live on rocks in the desert. Lizards, just like other creatures, stay in places where there is water, shelter, and food. They eat insects and this is the very reason why they stay in your property. If there are insects around, or water from the kitchen sink and leaking pipes, they are most likely to stay in your house. This is because they have something to make them survive. So this being said, we can say that lizards have an important role in the ecosystem. They get rid of insects which annoys us most of the time like ants, crickets, spiders, and cockroaches. 

Where Do Lizards Hide?

Lizards often hide in places where you can’t easily find them. You can see them in closets, cupboards, vents, potted plants, and behind hanging items like frames. You can also find them in warm locations as they need heat in order to survive. 

Interesting Facts About Lizards:

  • Lizards eat their own tail - When lizards shed their tail, they come back at a later time to see if it was still there. And if it is, they will eat it, as their tails contain large fat deposits.
  • Lizards shed their skin as they grow - How often a lizard shed their skins depends on how fast they are growing. The older they gets, the lesser they sheds. 
  • Lizards live almost everywhere except in Antarctica - Lizards are cold-blooded and cannot survive in cool places. This is actually the reason why you see them in light bulbs most of the time. 
  • Lizards don’t use their nose to smell - Ever wonder why lizards often stick their tongue out? They do this for a reason. Instead of using their nose, lizards use their tongue to identify the smell. When they stick out their tongue, it means they are tasting the air to know the smell of something. 
  • Lizards drop their tails when threatened by their predator - Lizard's tails are designed to be weak in order to quickly lose a predator, but the good thing about this is that these creatures are able to grow its tail back if it is broken off.
  • Some people kept lizards as pets - I am sure this is not the first time you heard about it but yes. There are people who choose lizards to be their pets. These creatures are small but they surely need the same care and affection as other cute animals. The leopard gecko, crested gecko, and bearded dragon are just some of the best. These are as well the most common types of lizards humans normally choose as pets. 
  • Some lizards can change their color - One interesting fact and characteristic of lizards is its ability to change color especially if they see a predator. Chameleons have this special ability which makes them so interesting and attractive for pet owners. 
  • One species of a lizard uses their vocal cords to create sound - That’s the gecko! The other species though use body language to communicate.  

How To Get Rid Of Lizards Naturally?

  1. Spicy ingredients like hot sauce and chili peppers - Lizards hate spicy odors so if you are eager to kick them out of your house, you can store some pepper on a porous bag and let the lizards smell it. Got some hot sauce in the kitchen? Let's use that too! Mix hot sauce and pepper and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it in the area where you normally see the lizards chilling.  
  2. Garlic and onion - Lizards hate the smell of garlic. If you have a lizard problem at home, you can simply place some cloves around. Alternatively, you can also make garlic or onion juice. Just spray it on the area where the lizards normally stay and for sure, this will turn them off immediately. 
  3. Use cold water to shoo them away - These creatures are cold-blooded and they prefer warm environments. If you see a lizard and you don’t have time to make those natural juices to turn them away, simply grab cold water from your fridge. This will surely get them to skedaddle. Aside from this, you can also turn the air conditioning temperature down. A cold room makes lizards uncomfortable. So if you love to set your room at low temperature, they will certainly not be chilling and sharing the room with you. 
  4. Coffee powder - One the smell these creatures hate is the smell of our favorite drink, coffee. Yes, you read that right. Most people have a coffee addiction. We drink this any time of the day and pair it with our favorite bread or cake. But coffee is something that lizards truly hate. Placing a cup of coffee or a bowl of freshly used grounds on the table can make them go away. 
  5. Naphthalene or mothballs - These small pellets are small but they are very effective in getting rid of lizards as well as other kinds of pests. They are cheap and can be purchased in stores. But be sure to keep them out of children's reach because these pellets are poisonous. If you have toddlers or pets at home, just place it in areas where they can’t see or reach it. Or better yet, don’t use them at all. 
  6. Lizard repellents - These repellents can be bought in stores. When using a lizard repellent, read the label carefully and make sure to follow the instructions accordingly. This will ensure your safety and guarantee the effectiveness of the product. 

Now that you know how you can get rid of lizards on your own, feel free to try these methods in case you see lizards chilling in your place. After trying these methods though and you are still facing a lizard problem, then you might need to go to the next level and seek professional help.

But is it really worth getting pest control service for lizard problems? The answer is, YES! If you think of it, spending money on a lizard problem may not be ideal because these pests are not really harmful and do not cause any property damage at all just like the other pests. But in reality, getting assistance from pest control companies can actually do more good for you than what you can imagine. Pest control technicians are well trained in this field—thus if you hire them, they would not just get rid of lizards but also other pests in your household. They use nothing but safe and effective products.

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