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Are Ants In Raleigh, NC A Problem In The Winter?

a colony of odorouse house ants in a kitchen

With each season, comes a bevy of changes. The temperatures will be rising and falling. Greenery will be shifting in color, blossoming, or dying. This will certainly impact your daily routine, as you’ll have to prepare your wardrobe and travel plans. One thing that many Raleigh residents forget to consider are pests. Spring, summer, fall, and winter all present different threats with insects and creatures.

While ants are common bugs, they can be dangerous and formidable to deal with. You really don’t want them around your home or business. These insects carry harmful bacteria that can contaminate food and surfaces. Humans often get sick as a result. Some species come with additional risks. Find out if you should keep your eyes open for them during winter, and have Go-Forth Home Services on speed-dial.

What Happens to Raleigh Ants In Winter?

Ant control and monitoring can be confusing in winter. Generally, these pests will be less active, but there’s no guarantee they won’t cause problems. They have to go somewhere to overwinter and wait for spring, and that’s usually in a domicile or an establishment. If they remain outside, they’ll snuggle beneath soil, tree bark, or rocks. Colder climates make them sluggish. If you see ants around, they probably have built a colony indoors.

Carpenter and odorous house ants are two of the prevalent species in the area. Carpenter ants are a sizable 0.25 to 0.50 of an inch long. Their shading varies from brown, tan, red, reddish-black, orange, and yellow, however, many are black. Creating costly amounts of damage, these insects ruin wood with their nesting and tunneling. People have lost their homes and businesses as a result. In natural settings, carpenter ants will attack trees and logs. Some key infestation signs are:

  • Having walls that sound hollow when you knock on them
  • Seeing stacks of wood shavings near the foundation holes they’ve made
  • Hearing soft rustling sounds behind walls 
  • Spotting their winged swarmers

Odorous house ants are known for targeting dwellings when it’s not winter, so frigid winds will give them even more incentive to invade your space. The black and brown bugs are a tiny 0.12 of an inch long. Since they’re drawn to warmth and moisture, you’re liable to see them surrounding heaters and piping. They’ll also nestle in carpeting, floor voids, structural gaps, and paneling. Expect a rotten coconut smell when you crush them; they live up to their namesake. If you’re bitten by one, it will hurt moderately. The only infestation indication you’ll have is their presence.

How Can Raleigh Ants Be Prevented?

Preventative measures are important when trying to combat ants. Once they infiltrate, they are much harder to manage. They can reproduce quickly and can sit in difficult to reach places. You can eliminate their attractions, food sources, and entry points with these steps:

  • Patch up openings in screens, doors, windows, foundations, and utility lines
  • Put sweeps on all exterior doors
  • Regularly cut your grass and trim greenery 
  • Make sure plants and flowers are at least two feet away from the property 
  • Immediately clean up food messes and spills
  • Use airtight containers for food and trash, including pet meals 
  • Your kitchen and pantries must stay neat 
  • Take out the garbage and vacuum frequently
  • Fix leaks and moisture faults

What Can Go-Forth Home Services Do About Raleigh Ants?

Go-Forth Home Services has successfully been in business for over 60 years. We’ve had such a thriving run because we have reasonable pricing and quality services. Our service plans are wide-ranging and our technicians are experienced. Last, but not least, our treatments are effective and safe. Ants won’t stand a chance. Get a free quote when you call us today at Go-Forth Home Services!