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Five Common Pests In Lewisville, NC

ants crawling in between rocks

A pest-free home is what all house owners want. However, pests are not easy to deal with. Once they get into your house, they start to build their nest, reproduce, and cause nuisances all around. Once they find a secluded place for them to hide, they will start to annoy the hell out of you. Therefore, it is important to learn more about these creatures to understand what their weaknesses are.

Out of millions of insects, there are several that stood out. These are the household pests that can bring massive damage to your house. Aside from that, they also cause countless diseases to humans and animals. In the US, pests are one of the major household problems as they not only infuriate people but also destroy things at home. Here are the top household pests that give a major headache to homeowners.


Ants have been the major concern of most households in the US. They often infest the kitchen, inside walls, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the living room. Ants mainly cause problems when they forage for food. They also cause trouble when they start to build their nests. Without prevention, it's difficult to eliminate them once their population starts to increase.

Believe it or not, one ant colony can comprise up to millions of ants. During their breeding period, the sexually mature ants will mate. And when the females are fertilized, they will be the ones to start a new colony. Can you imagine how many ants you will be dealing with in a few short months?

To get rid of ants, the first step is to recognize ant species in your house. Not all ants are equally created; therefore, knowing their biology and the species variations is crucial to the creation of the proper control strategy that must be used to rid the ants from your home. There are also natural ways to keep ants away but if things become uncontrolled, then it is best to call for a pest expert.


There’s no doubt that termites are very common pests in the US. These are probably one of the most harmful and annoying pests around. They may be a great help to the ecological processes of forests, but they become nuisances when they enter your house.

The three types of termites, namely, dry wood, damp wood, and subterranean termites are the most notorious destroyers. They feed on wood to get the cellulose and nutrients they need to survive. These creatures are often referred to as the "silent destroyers" because they hide and thrive secretly in your home without any sign at all. The only time you suspect a termite infestation is when the damage has become irretrievable.

Most families are forced out of their homes because the structures are no longer strong enough to withstand wind and heavy rain. If you don't want this to happen to you, it's important to keep a close eye on the earlier stages of termite infestation. According to experts, you need to be observant inside and outside your house. Look out for a foul smell inside your home. Plus, if you see hollow wood and mud tunnels outside your house, do not take it for granted. Call a local pest control specialists immediately so they can apply strategic methods to eliminate termites.

If you want to control termites on your own, there are steps that you need to follow. It includes identifying its type, finding the nest, and selecting suitable methods for eradication. You can also choose other natural methods such as using nematodes, or other materials that will drive them away. However, these methods are not 100% effective, especially when dealing with a severe case. If termite infestation becomes worse, then do not hesitate to call for help from pest control professionals near you to avoid further damage at home.


Cockroaches are minute creatures that search for food in kitchens, food compartments, and garbage bins. The three most popular types of cockroaches are the Oriental cockroach, German cockroach, and the American cockroach. All of which are considered winter pests. But it is not because they can withstand the cold weather. It's quite the opposite. So, by the time winter comes, they should have found a stable place where they can find moisture, food, and shelter.

Cockroaches cause trouble wherever they go such as triggering allergy and asthma. Aside from that, people are frightened by cockroaches because they carry serious illnesses such as Salmonella Typhi, which causes typhoid; Poliomyelitis, which causes Polio; and, Dysentery, a disease that causes severe diarrhea. Many people underestimate the effects of these illnesses. Little do they know that millions of people die because of these diseases. The risk factors include old age, children, and people with immunodeficiency. If one of your family members contract any of these, seek the help of professionals. As much as possible, steer clear from self-diagnosis. Without proper treatment, it can lead to severe dehydration, complications, even death. 

If you suspect a cockroach infestation, here are the signs you need to watch out for. The first one is a foul smell in your compartments. Cockroaches secrete a bad odor through their droppings and saliva. If you see traces of orange-brownish marks, those could be signs of roaches as well. Also, you can see egg capsules, also known as ootheca. These contain 50 to 150 cockroach eggs. If you see these, eliminate them immediately before they hatch.  Getting rid of cockroaches requires more than just applying an insecticide or throwing in a trap.

Roaches get into everything and quickly multiply. These creatures can live without food for several months and water for up to two weeks. So, if you think starving them is your best solution to solve this issue, try upscaling your methods.

You also need to remove all their nesting materials and secure their hiding spots through thorough cleaning and disinfection. When the sanitation process is done, you may start the process of using professional quality roach control products to remove the roach infestation. If it is too difficult to get rid of the roaches infestation, then save yourself from further trouble by asking for help from the experts.


Rodents are small animals with sharp front teeth that are used for nibbling food. For their size, the appetite of rodents is ravenous. They can eat almost anything. But usually, they prefer fruits, bread, and vegetables. But if they get desperate, they will eat everything on their way. Rats, for example, can eat mice when they no longer have food.

Did you know that rodents are seeking shelter in more than 21 million homes in the United States during the winter season? In the next few months, many homeowners are likely to be living with mice, raccoons, or rats in their house. Many take their existence for granted. Little do they know that rodents not only spread harmful diseases but also cause significant damage to properties. Thus, homeowners must get rid of these species. Rodents serve as vectors, bearing bacteria and viruses that cause salmonella, hantavirus, bubonic plague, and leptospirosis.

To avoid harmful diseases as mentioned, it is significant to get rid of these pests. To do so, eliminate every potential entry site. This includes cracks and crevices all over your house. It's also important to eliminate moisture by fixing leaky pipes and clogged drains. If the infestation persists, call an expert such as Go-Forth Home Services to solve all of your pest problems.

Bed Bugs

I'm sure you're familiar with this pest. It is not only common in theatres and hotels but also inside homes. Many people believe that bed bugs only exist on couches, beds, and carpets. The bed bugs that exist inside establishments do not even comprise 1/8 of their total population in the society. In fact, these creatures are more common in streets and gardens. So, you're more likely to catch them while walking in these areas. They can latch onto your shoes and bags. When walking your pet, they can even hitch a ride through their bodies. Even if you don't go to theaters and hotels that you are safe from bed bug infestations because they're right outside your house. It's only a matter of time before they enter, usually before winter comes. 

It is for this reason that has to apply the necessary methods to control their population. This includes treating your yard, applying pest barriers, in keeping your house clean and dry. This way, your environment will be non-conducive to their activities.

If ever a bed bug enters your house, it won't be able to survive. If you're experiencing any of these pests, it is important to research more about them to understand their habits and reproductive cycles. This will give you an idea of where, when, and how to target them.

If DIY methods do not work for you, the best thing to do is contact an exterminator so they can apply more effective methods for pest management. If you're worried about the price, there are pest control professionals near you that offer premium-quality services at an affordable price such as Go-Forth Home Services. If you don't believe me, contact them now and get your free quote.