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Are Pest Control Companies Worth It? (Jamestown Exterminators)


At this day and age of everything being instant, from instant food to instant coffee, tea, and juices, and even instant information on the internet, most people believe that pest control is as simple as going to the grocery store to pick up an instant pesticide and spraying them on pests. If this is our way of thinking, then good luck to us all in trying to get rid of household pests. Pesticides that are available in grocery shelves may work for some time in trying to deplete the pests’ population, they would not be so effective in exterminating them completely.

A lot of people are averse to hiring pest control professionals for different reasons. For one, a lot of people think that DIY pest control is enough to get rid of pests. Some people are willing to tolerate pests in their house, not knowing that pests like cockroaches, flies, mice, mosquitoes, or rats are health hazards. If they can tolerate their presence, then they are fine with cohabiting with these pests. Some people find it expensive to hire a pest control professional, not knowing that in the long run, they would be spending a lot more on medical bills or home damage repairs.  

First, Let Us Look At The Cost Of Not Hiring A Pest Control Company

A pest is defined as an insect or animal that negatively affects human activities. Pests benefit from living near humans, but humans do not get anything good from them. People who have seen roaches, or mice, or rats crawling around the floor, dining table, or countertops know that these pests spell trouble.

There are some pests that are a huge annoyance to homeowners. Some people can simply brush off these pests and even tolerate their presence.  Among these pests are silverfish and weevils. They may be tolerable, but are annoying and could cause stress and anxiety for all the people in the household.

Some pests also cause huge damage to property. Termites, ants, rats, moths, and mice are among the pests that fall into this category. Termites have caused billions of dollars in structural damage all over the world every year. Carpenter ants are known to do the same, only much worse. So the few hundred dollars that some homeowners saved from not getting a pest control professional eventually cost them thousands of dollars in repairs alone.

Clothes and pantry moths destroy clothes and stored dry foods, respectively. Perhaps the greatest damage caused by pests is one that concerns our health. Mosquitoes, roaches, rats, and mice transmit dangerous diseases; diseases that can even lead to death. Bed bugs, though not capable of transmitting any disease, are high health risks themselves. They cause stress, anxiety, and even depression.  

Effects On Business

Businesses, especially those that belong to the restaurant and food manufacturing industries, are obliged to keep their premises free of pests. Well, even if they are not required to do so, protecting their business from pests is common sense. The presence of rats and mice, for example, is a huge cause for concern. As people use Facebook and Instagram, people can easily post cringe-worthy pictures of rats or mice in restaurants eating food that was supposed to be served to humans. This negative publicity would definitely destroy a business; recovering from it would be difficult—that is, if they were not shut down by the city government. Rodents might also chew on electric wires and gas tubes, making them a fire hazard.

Food poisoning is also a risk, both for the customers and employees. Droppings and urine coming from rats, mice, and roaches can contaminate food and infect humans.

Why Do We Need Professional Pest Control Companies?

How many times have we seen amateurs fail miserably in their attempt at getting rid of pests, resulting in an even larger infestation? These amateurs tend to use more chemicals than they are supposed to, resulting in more serious harm to homeowners, their kids, and their pets.

Pest control is not just a mere stomp of the foot, or a trap, or a can of chemicals. It involves more. To control pests for good, there is a need to integrate the concrete, organic, lifestyle, and chemical devices.

It is imperative that we hire people with the necessary skills and training to exterminate pests quickly and safely.

If you are not yet convinced, here are some more reasons why you should hire a pest control company.

You Are Not Put At Risk Of Being In The Frontline Of Your War With Pests

A lot of people depend on the internet for DIY procedures. Unfortunately, not everything seems as easy as it looks. Pest control requires training and skills, something these professionals certainly have. They handle dangerous poisons that amateurs cannot handle. These chemicals are health risks in themselves.

They Save You So Much Time

We all know how busy we can be, so time is very important. Dealing with pests yourself will be very time consuming; from identifying pests, to knowing where they hide, to identifying their behaviors, and then the actual killing of these pests. The pros can do it a lot faster than you can, for sure. And with more effective results to boot. They can perform pest control in less than half a day, while larger problems might take a week. 

Your Family’s Health Would Not Be Put At Risk

DIY pest control may put your family’s health at risk. If you are not aware of how to properly use chemical pesticides, your kids may accidentally come into contact with these poisons.  Pest control professionals will always put into consideration your health, as well as your family’s. Do not forget about your pets too.

They Know How To Identify Pests

Pest control companies are trained to identify and exterminate all kinds of pests, which include mosquitoes, roaches, rats, mice, flies, ants, termites, bed bugs, poisonous spiders, lizards, snakes, etc. They are also more accurate in pinpointing the source of the infestation, making it easy to locate them. They will evaluate your pest problems and present to you different courses of action which you can choose from.

You can avoid damage. Pests can no doubt damage your property. Termites, ants, rats, mice, moths, and weevils will make sure of that. They will damage your wood structure, furniture, clothes, food, and even your sanity. You can also protect your property from yourself if you are not careful. And of course, injuries might happen as you carry on pest control yourself. Getting a licensed professional will eliminate such problems.

You Can Avoid Costly Damage

Getting help from pest control professionals will help you avoid incurring higher charges in case the infestation becomes severe later on. This is because pest control companies’ charges depend on the severity of the problem, the size of the property, and the type of pest you have. And of course, it also depends on the experience that the company you hired has.  

More Effective

Commercially made DIY pesticides are effective if you only have a small scale infestation. This works well if you detect the pest early on. But if you already have a large scale infestation already, then you need the experts to more effectively exterminate these pests.  

You Also Get Free Advice

Remember, these are professionals; they get paid for doing what they do because they are very good at it. Getting advice from them on how to avoid future infestation then is very valuable advice. They tell you where and how they can get into your house. By following their advice, you can avoid getting another infestation. Just make sure that you will listen to them and obey them.

Keep in mind that there are some pests that you may be able to tolerate, and there are some that you cannot. There are also some pests that you MUST not tolerate, especially if your and your family’s lives are on the line. Pests like mosquitoes, roaches, mice, and rats can spread deadly diseases so it is best to get rid of them immediately. Spiders and lizards would rather keep to themselves and are pretty harmless, but if you cannot tolerate them then you may call the professionals.

Professional pest control companies will seek out the best way to control your pests and would take an integrated pest management approach. This means that they would not just use chemical pesticides, they would also use biological, cultural, and physical tools to exterminate your pests. This also means the use of chemicals will be minimized. They will also recommend the best course of action in terms of pest control. All of these make it worth hiring a pest control company.

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