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Local Bee Exterminator In Lewisville North Carolina

carpenter bee crawling on wood

The bees play an important role in our ecosystem by helping every land-living creature thrive in this world. They aid in the growth of trees and other plants that give shelter and sustenance for wild animals and other insects. Humans also benefit from bees. One-third of the world's crop is produced by bees by pollinating billions of plants. On top of that, they provide us with the sweet golden syrup called honey that contains nutrients and antioxidants. There was a suggested proposition that once bees are extinct, the human race will be next.

Let’s Get To Know Them More

Bees have 16,000 known species and are categorized by 7 biological families. They are closely related to ants and wasps under the order of Hymenoptera. Studies suggest that bees evolved from wasps. Assumptions are made that ancient wasp developed thicker hair that collected pollen. Because of this, these wasps were unable to hunt small insects. This leaves them in adopting a new diet and subsequently developing a new kind of insect.

Like other insects, their bodies are divided into three sections, the head, thorax, and the abdomen. An outer layer called exoskeleton that acts as a shell that encapsulates their organs. They have 1 pair of antennae, two sets of wings, and two large compound eyes. Between these eyes, they have 3 tiny simple eyes that only detects light. Bees also have mouthparts composed of strong mandibles and a proboscis to sip nectar from flowers. They have 3 pairs of legs in which the hind ones have baskets to store the pollen they collected.

Bees do not only rely on their eyes to detect food or danger. Their whole body is covered with sensory hair. This allows them to feel changes in their environment and react according to it. When it's a matter of life or death, bees will use their stingers to attack. Unfortunately, only the female bees have a stinger. It’s actually a part of their reproductive system called an ovipositor. But not all types of bees have a stinger.

Did you know that bees rarely sting? Since their stingers are directly connected to their gut, once they use their stingers, it will rip off their insides, causing them to die. If you're asking which is more dangerous between a wasp and bee, watch out for the wasps. These are more aggressive. Plus, they can sting as many as they want. This is why they can kill people when they swarm. 

The Difference Between Solitary, Communal, & Colony Bees

Solitary bees include the leafcutter and carpenter bees. All-female solitary bees are capable of reproduction but they live alone. The female's sole purpose is tending to theirs and the offspring’s needs. They are not capable of producing bee wax or honey so they build their own nest by making a whole in woods, soil, or sand.

Communal bees are like solitary bees that tend for themselves but they live in a group of the same species, much like a community. This is where they build their own cells in one nest for guarding purposes.

Colony Bees, from the name itself, live in colonies with caste systems or divisions of labor. A colony consists of a Mother bee or the Queen bee, the sons or the Drones, and the daughters as workers. An example is the honeybees.

The queen bee’s main purpose in life is to reproduce and control the behavior of her subjects by emitting pheromones. These pheromones also inhibit the maturation of the worker's reproductive system. The drones only help in mating and nothing more. They are not capable of defending the nest nor do not have any capability in helping in feeding the colony or maintaining the nest. Some type of drone bees die after intercourse. That is because their penis is connected to their abdominal tissue and will be ripped off during mating.

The workers are sterile female bees and are responsible for foraging pollen, nectar, and water as food for the whole swarm. They are responsible for maintaining, building, protecting the nest, and tending to the queen, larvae, and eggs.

Worker bees can kill their queen bee if they sense that she is no longer capable. Selecting the next queen is also their responsibility. They select random eggs to become candidates for the throne. After the selected eggs hatch, the larvae will be fed only with royal jelly. The first larvae to mature will be selected as the next queen and her first mission is to kill the remaining selected larvae.

The Need For Extermination

While bees play an important role in the ecosystem, they can be dangerous if they infest residential areas. Solitary bees could build their nest that damages the wooden structures of your homes. Colony Bees, on the other hand, could build their hives on or near your home.

They could become agitated and aggressively attack humans and other animals to protect their nest. Their sting produces immense pain and swelling that could even last for days. And if you’re not lucky enough, the venom from their stings can trigger a potentially fatal allergic reaction.

So, how will you eliminate bees within your surroundings?

How To Eliminate Bees


It is important to know the bees you are dealing with before getting rid of it. This is because some bees can be a little more aggressive. It makes a regular individual in danger when getting rid of it. The importance of a bee expert enters here. The safest way of getting rid of bees is by asking for the help of a professional like Go-Forth Home Services. 


Bees love sweets and soda too. To trap bees naturally, you can create a trap using a bottle of soda. Just cut the mouth down to the shoulder of the bottle. Place it in an area where the bee activity is at its peak and the bees naturally go into the soda bottle. Eventually, most of the bees will drown when it comes in contact with the soda.

Vacuuming Out A Hive

Trapping bees with heat is another way of creating a bee trap. Cover the hive in plastic and put it under the heat of the sun to eliminate bees. Bees are sensitive to extreme heat, they won't survive once they're exposed to the sun. 

Vinegar & Water

You can practice scientific experiments by simply using ingredients from your kitchen. Bee repellents are just around the corner of your house. Vinegar mixed with water is a perfect repellent for bees. When bees smell the scent of vinegar, it goes away from it. This is a perfect way to get rid of bees without hurting them. Just make sure to place it in a secure place away from children and pets.

Store Food Properly

Sweet foods are attractive to bees. Therefore, it is important to store food properly. Sweet foods such as chocolates and fruits are attractive to these creatures, especially when it has bright colors such as yellow and orange. That is why it is advisable to use containers that are non-attractive to bees. This is important when going on a picnic.

Cover Any Entrance 

Bees can get indoors and build nests between walls, under floorboards, inside attics, and basements. Thus, it is important to investigate any crack and hole on your windows, walls, and doors. If you spot any entryway, cover or fix these immediately to prevent a colony of bees from building a nest inside your home.


Cinnamon is another gentle way of eliminating bees. The smell of this flavoring is considered a bee repellent. Unlike humans, bees are not attracted to the smell of it. To use cinnamon, sprinkle it around the beehive every day and this will make bees go away in a couple of days.

Repelling Plants

Eucalyptus and mint plants are perfect plant repellant for bees. You can place it around your lawn or backyard to keep your family safe from swarming bees. This will also give you a relaxing ambiance for a picnic and other outdoor activities.

Avoid Floral Scent & Bright Colors

Bright colored clothes and floral-scented perfumes are attractive to bees. When you are gardening and cleaning your lawn, keep this in mind to prevent bees from swarming your surroundings. Once they find your environment a suitable place to live, they start to establish a colony. 

Call The Local Exterminator

Personally handling beehives could put you in grave danger. So calling an expert like beekeepers or local exterminators for bees is the best way of getting rid of bees in your property. Professional exterminators also know the importance of bees in the environment. So instead of killing them, they are trained in handling and transferring bees in a much safer location.

There you have it! Bees may be helpful to the environment but they can cause nuisances in the household. If you're experiencing a bee problem, never hesitate to call for help. Contact Go-Forth Home Services to ensure protection from unwanted insects within your surroundings.