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Summer Protection Checklist For Parents!

mosquito on a blade of grass

From mosquitoes to ticks to bed bugs, there is a lot to watch out for when your kids go out to play! The experts at Go-Forth Home Services have created a quick checklist that will be helpful to you during these hot summer days and evenings. 

Check For Ticks Daily! 

Make sure to massage and look thoroughly on your child’s scalp. Teach your child to also feel when they are showering. Also check under their arms and in their shoes. Use tweezers to remove ticks that you find, careful to remove all month parts from the skin, and clean any bite wounds thoroughly. It’s not a bad idea to save any ticks you find in a sealed container just in case the child has a reaction and you need to visit the doctor. Long sleeves and/or long pants should be worn in areas where a child could easily brush against a tick (tall grass, woods, etc.). Hats are also a good way to protect the scalp from ticks.

Consider having a professional pest management company treat your property preventatively for ticks. To reduce exposure to mosquitoes, avoid spending time in areas where mosquitoes have lots of breeding and/or harborage sites (heavily wooded/vegetated areas; areas near standing water). Dump out kiddie pools, empty flower pots or buckets. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. Consider having a professional pest management company treat your property preventatively for mosquitoes. 

Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your House!

When traveling, encourage your children to cover their luggage with a trash bag and try to keep their luggage off the floor. Thoroughly check accommodations for evidence of bed bugs (blood or fecal stains on mattress for example). Thoroughly check suitcases for bed bugs before you bring them inside, you can also vacuum out the suitcase, paying close attention to the seams, and dispose of the vacuum contents outside. Unpack all clothing outside, and then immediately bring it inside and wash in hot water.

And Don’t Forget Your Pets! Check Them For Ticks And Fleas Regularly, Too!