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Pest Control To The Grave (Winston-Salem Exterminators)


If you are a fan of both heavy metal music and, well, pest control (if ever there is one), you must have to hear the song “Pest Control." It is heart-ripping, gut-busting music that runs for more than 4 minutes. Now, we do not know what exactly is in the hearts and minds of To The Grave band while making this, but it surely is suitable as a theme song for all Winston-Salem exterminators out there. Indeed, the song is violent and actually refers to humans as the disease of the earth. Careful listening to it would make you realize that the band may actually be talking about pests, the real troublemakers here on earth.

Pest control, the process and not the song, is an essential part of human activities. It is an activity that helps stop the population of insects or animals that negatively affect human activities. Some pests can be a nuisance, and some can transmit dangerous diseases and destroy properties.

Speaking of graves, these final resting places of our loved ones are sacred; a place where we celebrate the lives of family and friends. As such, these places deserve to be taken care of. Part of showing respect to the dead. Maintaining a gravesite includes mowing the grass, weed spraying, cleaning, and of course, pest control.

Among the pests, you have to watch out for are ants, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Keeping cemeteries green is also a challenge because the grasses are overcome by weeds and pests.   

Why Is Pest Control Important Even In Cemeteries?

While gravesites are isolated for most of the year, humans naturally visit them from time to time. People deserve beautiful cemeteries where they can lay their loved ones to rest. It is also a place where they reunite with other members of the family, so keeping it safe is a top priority.

We all want to remember our dead in peace and quiet. Unfortunately, pests can alter the safety of gravesites around the country. Pests can cause nasty diseases to visitors. For example, a single bite from a mosquito can cause malaria, dengue fever, West Nile fever, and encephalitis. Ant bites can be painful and can even cause allergic reactions to sensitive people. Cockroaches could hitch a ride on bags or baskets being carried by visitors all the way to their new homes. Therefore, it is important for cemeteries to be aware of exposures to these pests and be proactive in keeping them away.  Pest control, among other things, should be a part of the regular on-site operations.  

The Most Common Pests You May Find In The Cemetery

Below is a rough list of pests you may encounter while visiting a loved one at the cemetery:


The cemetery is one place to find thousands of mosquitoes. This place is the perfect breeding ground, with plenty of standing water in the form of puddles, or in old gutters, abandoned birdbaths, old tires, or old cans.

Mosquitoes are insects that we should be wary of the most; they have to be avoided at all costs. These tiny, fragile-looking insects are actually the deadliest creatures on earth. Mosquitoes are responsible for the deaths of millions of people every year. They have in fact killed more human beings than all the wars in history combined. Mosquitoes suck the blood of humans. They do this in order to produce more eggs, thus producing more mosquitoes. They sense that humans are nearby through scent and also through the carbon dioxide emitted by humans. They suck blood by biting, and it is through biting that they transmit deadly diseases like dengue fever, malaria, and West Nile fever.

To prevent infestation, all things that can hold water for a long time should be removed, as these would definitely attract mosquitoes. If you are going to the cemetery, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. For added protection, apply mosquito repellent lotions on your skin. Make sure it has the active ingredient DEET.


Ants are commonly found outdoors, entering people’s homes only to look for food and water. In cemeteries, they are also present because food can be abundant there. Visitors who do not practice clean as you go policy encourage the population of ants to grow.

Ants can be a nuisance for cemetery visitors. They bite even without provocation, and their bites are rather painful. Ants can also detect if visitors brought food; they have solo patrollers roaming around looking for food. Once these patrollers find out you have food, they can send out pheromones that their fellow ants will detect. In a few minutes, you will be swarmed by ants.

In a cemetery setting, all you can do is avoid stepping on ants so that you would not get bitten. Just always be on the lookout.  


Cockroaches are known to be the filthiest creatures on earth. They will thrive in dirty surroundings. A cemetery that does not dispose of its garbage regularly will surely attract cockroaches. Additionally, people who throw trash indiscriminately contribute to the increase in the cockroach population. 

The danger of having cockroaches in cemeteries is that they might be able to hitch a ride in your bags or picnic baskets, bringing them home with you.  It is right in your home wherein they would wreak so much havoc. They can contaminate your food through their droppings, urine, saliva, and vomit, and could lead to several health issues. Ingesting foods contaminated by roaches can cause deadly diseases like cholera, salmonella, and typhoid fever. Inhaling droppings and urine can also cause asthma, especially among children.  


Flies can probably match cockroaches in terms of filthiness. Flies are such annoying insects too. They happily buzz around your face, and it is hard to kill them because they fly around so fast.

You probably would not want flies to land on you or your food. Flies are attracted to dirty things, like rotten food, decomposing animals, fecal matter, and garbage. Their legs, in particular, have lots of bacteria and viruses attached to them.

Flies thrive when there is stuff around the area that they like. Getting rid of them requires having clean surroundings.

The Problem Of Weed Control

On the other hand, grass in the cemetery is usually neglected. Mowing every now and then is not enough. That is why you would notice that most cemeteries have poor quality grass, with weeds popping up all over. When weeds get out of control, the cemeteries become less attractive and actually look eerie. Weeds ruin aesthetics and ruin grass by diverting nutrients to them instead of them going to the grass. The presence of weed can also put a burden on maintenance cost since they would have to be mowed more which would add to labor costs.

The common causes of weeds growing in cemeteries include poor fertility, dry soils, bare spots, soil compaction due to foot traffic, steep slopes, and not enough fertilizing and watering.

To fight off weeds, it is best to inspect the lawn first. Take note of the conditions that encourage the growth of weeds, like bald spots or low spots that hold water.  Conduct a soil test to check for the pH of the soil so that you can evaluate the type of fertilizer you need to put there and whether you need to adjust the pH.

Herbicides may be needed if the weeds are too thick or are continuously growing. Before using chemical herbicides, read the label first, and wear appropriate gear. Goggles, gloves, and long-sleeved shirts at least. Controlling weeds in the cemetery is not much different from the usual weed control procedures. The only difference is that, well, it is in a cemetery. Extra care should be taken so that gravestones would not be damaged.

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