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Can I Get Rid Of Roaches Without An Exterminator?


Pest control today is becoming a need for property owners due to pest problems and severe infestations. Several homeowners are complaining about the damage and risks given by pests. It does not only affect structures but humans and pets as well.

One of the common pests your home will have is roaches. Everyone is aware of the great problems cockroaches bring once they begin infesting houses. The pest is not only good at causing sanitation issues. But it can also be the reason behind health worries like asthma.

The mere presence of roaches is already alarming. So when they’re around, you will immediately call an exterminator to help you out. In pest control, exterminators are the ones you have to rely on because they know what to do. They can also immediately make an action once they get into your home. An exterminator will help in keeping your home roach-free to avoid future infestations.

On the other hand, some people can’t afford to hire an exterminator so they often do it on their own. Well, DIY roach elimination is a trend today as it can be an alternative to expensive exterminators. You can easily search guides on the internet that help in eliminating your pest problem.

But, the question is, can you get rid of roaches even without an exterminator? Let’s get to know it here.

Is Eliminating Roaches Possible Without an Exterminator?

Some people question the ability of DIY pest control for roaches. There are others that are satisfied with the results especially if it works on their first try.  The way of getting rid of roaches depends on what you want. You can either have complete elimination or only to repel the pest.

There are several ways on how you can get rid of roaches without the help of an exterminator. You can naturally do the methods even without professional supervision. You can get rid of cockroaches on your own but the results can vary. There are pest control products that may work for a few roaches. But if an infestation is happening, spraying pesticides or applying baits will never be enough. However, if you exert a lot of effort, especially if the pest is difficult to eliminate, you can make it possible before calling an exterminator.

Roaches can already adapt to some chemicals or pesticides so spraying them will not kill them. But, there are other means or products that you can apply that surely help in getting rid of the pest. Some products are effective and highly recommended even by professionals. You can use these products if you don’t want to spend more money on an exterminator. Also, you can get rid of roaches by pest-proofing your property. Roaches are more interested in infesting properties than biting or disturbing humans. With this, you should see to it that there’s no way that the pest can invade your house anytime. 

What Happens When You Do the Control?

Without an exterminator, you can get rid of roaches but only a few. It will still depend on the effectiveness of the products or methods you use. But, the case can turn around when your home is already under a roach infestation. You should know that a few roaches can quickly multiply. If you do not get rid of the few ones, they’ll immediately reproduce to keep their number going. As time passes by, their population becomes bigger and ends up in an infestation. If you have a roach infestation, you can’t get rid of the pest alone. Hence you still need the help of an exterminator to stop the problem from worsening.

Always remember that it is not wrong to do your way of getting rid of roaches. But when you already need professional help, an exterminator should be called right away to prevent your family and property from suffering more. Getting rid of roaches can happen if you know what you are doing or if you allow an expert to handle it. But if you want total elimination, an exterminator is still the best option.  You can see great results that DIY pest control can’t provide.

How to Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator

Since some people can’t afford an exterminator to do pest control, we got you! We have several ways of getting rid of roaches without an exterminator. Here are the ways how you can have a roach-free home without depending on an exterminator.

Check Your House

In doing pest control, the very first step is inspection. Exterminators perform assessment right before applying any treatments and you can do it as well. Before you do any treatment application, you need to know where the pest is hiding so that you will have an idea of where to put the treatments you plan to use. Also, you will be able to find the places where roaches are highly active and the areas most infested. You have to check all crooks and nooks and never skip any place because if you do, the problem will not be resolved. You have to inspect to find where they are nesting and with this, you can get rid of the nest and the entire population. But if you have inspected your place yet you can’t find where the roaches are, it is best to have an exterminator help you out.

Keep Your House Sealed

What we mean by sealed, is you need to caulk all entry points that can be the reason for the pest to come inside your house. The holes, cracks, and gaps you leave open are where roaches enter. It doesn’t matter if it is small because they can bend their bodies for them to get through any openings. That’s why you always have to block entry points to keep them out forever. If you don’t seal your home, the pest will keep on coming and oftentimes, they don’t go out anymore as they decide to stay. Make sure to keep all entry points sealed for you to have a roach-free home. It doesn’t need the help of an exterminator; you can do it by yourself especially if you have some free time.

Use Borax

If you don’t want to rely on pesticides as it is harmful to humans and pets, you can use borax which is an alternative. Borax is powerful in eliminating roaches. It is an insecticide that has been serving purposes for centuries. Some people are ignoring the ability of borax. But what they did not know is that it can be one of the best solutions for their roach problems. You can spread the powder on areas where pests are present. Sprinkle the powder on cracks, crevices, gaps, holes, and more where you see roaches coming from. Make sure that no wind can remove borax to make it work. When the pest absorbs the powder, it will not die immediately. However, they can bring it back to their nests where other roaches and their offspring can get it as well. Gradually, they will die not only the carrier but also the infected ones.

Apply Diatomaceous Earth

Another pest control product that you can use for roaches is the diatomaceous earth. This is very effective and recommended by everyone due to its ability to kill roaches. Diatomaceous earth or DE is known as fossilized algae and it is in a powder form. It is easy to apply and can be purchased in markets or online stores so when you need it, you can buy it immediately. You have to sprinkle DE directly on roaches or on areas where they hide or nest. Once the powder permeates the bodies of the pests, they will become slow since their fluids are being taken out of their bodies. With diatomaceous earth, roaches will die of dehydration. Do it regularly until everything is gone.

There are still other ways to keep roaches out of your home for life without an exterminator. Of course, if you don’t know what to do, a roach exterminator in Greensboro, NC is still needed. A pest control company like Go-Forth Home Services is always willing to help. 

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