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Flea Exterminators In Richmond, VA


Do you have dogs or cats at home? You better be cautious because you might have fleas at home! The pest is attracted to your pets as they feed on your furry friends. Fleas will feed on animals. But, the worse is, they will feed on your and your family. With this, it is always best to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Fleas come into your home when you bring your pets into flea-infested areas. Walking your dogs in the park can already attract fleas. The pest will jump and cling onto the furs of your pets which you will never notice. With this, you can bring back fleas into your home like how bed bugs are brought into properties. Once the pest gets into your home, they will stay on your pets. But when the situation is worse, they will move around your house to infest more.

When you have fleas at home, you should never waste any time. Because if you do, they will keep on increasing as they can reproduce quickly. When your pets show signs of a flea infestation, you need to hurry. You can call flea exterminators to help you get rid of the pest. This will keep your property protected from severe infestations.

Flea exterminators are the best people to call when you have fleas. They know how the pest behaves, reproduces, and thrives in a property. Exterminators are well-rounded in handling fleas. So, they can easily get rid of them since they have proper and effective treatments to use.

If you have fleas at home, you should know everything about your enemy. This will you get rid of them successfully.

Are Fleas Dangerous?

Have you ever wondered if fleas are dangerous or not? Though the pest does not normally target humans, they can still cause inconveniences to people. They will infest when they don’t have a choice. You should not ignore fleas because even with their small size, they can bring huge problems like infestations and illnesses.

Well, fleas can be dangerous even though they don’t transmit diseases to humans. They can be fatal to your pets which is a part of your family. Fleas infest like ninjas as you cannot easily see them but you can feel them which makes it more annoying. When the weather is warm, that’s the time fleas become active. So if it is the summer season, expect to have more flea problems. The pest can be the reason behind your pet’s ailments such as anemia and parasites. If your pets have fleas, there is a high chance that their health condition can decline. It is best to have your pets checked when you see unusual behaviors because fleas might be causing an infestation.

On the other hand, you should still consider fleas as dangerous as they can bite humans. Different species of fleas can target humans. The Chigoe flea can cause amputation or infections when it bites. Human fleas can serve as hosts for tapeworms which are parasitic to people. There are also cat fleas that can bite humans which results in several diseases like typhus and plague. Never let fleas enjoy your property. Allowing them to be free in doing whatever they want, you, your family, and pets will suffer.

If you have fleas in your home, it is a must for you to hire flea exterminators for better elimination.

Signs Of Fleas At Home

Do you suspect that your house is under a flea infestation? Here are the signs you need to look for. This will tell you that fleas are truly present in your property.

Seeing Live Fleas

One of the obvious signs that you have fleas at home is when you see live fleas. Though the pest is too small to detect or identify, if you see them mostly in areas where your pests are staying, they could be fleas. You will not only see them near your dogs or cats but on other places as well such as furniture, carpet, and more especially if the infestation has already spread widely. You can also check for your pets to see if there are fleas present. Once you find out that live fleas are lingering, better call the nearest flea exterminators to get rid of the problem.

Unusual Behavior Of Your Pets

If your pets begin to act out of normal, it may indicate that fleas are present. There are times when your dogs or cats change behaviors but if it happens often, there could be a problem. When your pets scratch excessively, there could be fleas so it is best to inspect the fur of your dogs and cats. You also have to check the skin of your pets if it has also reddened which is different from the normal color of healthy skin. If the furs are losing, fleas may keep on feeding. When your pets keep on biting and licking as well, it might be easing the itchiness or pain caused by fleas. Your pets can develop allergies from flea bites so you have to check on your pets regularly.

Flea Droppings Present

Another sign to look into is the flea droppings within your property. If you see black droppings that look like black pepper, then it could be an indication that the pest is present. You will normally see it in places where your pets stay such as carpets, pet beddings, rugs, and more. Since these droppings are hard to see, you may not notice it and mistake it as specks of dust. If you keep on seeing lots of droppings, then you have to immediately report it to a flea exterminator who can help in finding fleas and eliminating them.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas

Are you tired of watching fleas in your pet’s fur? Maybe it is the perfect time for you to make a move and here are the ways on how you can get rid of the pest successfully.

Vacuum Them Out!

Since fleas are too small and you cannot easily see them if you don’t take a closer look, you can never eliminate them. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, make use of it to the fullest as a flea eliminator. Vacuum the areas or your entire house where fleas are present from mattresses down to pet beddings to get rid of them. Don’t forget the cracks and crevices where the pest can sneak and hide. The tiny holes, gaps, and spaces in your home can be a place for larvae and eggs to thrive and survive. Make sure that after vacuuming, you have to remove the bag and throw away the contents far from your property to prevent the pest from coming back.

Launder Your Beddings

Since your pets can access your beddings, it is best to launder everything to kill the pest. Your pet’s bed should be included as well. You have to use hot water so that fleas will not be able to survive. Higher heat is better because it can easily eliminate fleas in your beddings. However, if you have done it yet fleas are still clinging into your bedding, you have to throw away these beddings and replace it with new ones to keep the pest out.

Hire A Flea Exterminator

If you have done everything to get rid of fleas and yet they are still around infesting and jumping, the best solution is to call a flea exterminator to help. A professional is far better than any home remedy because he knows what to do with fleas and has better solutions that you cannot do. A flea exterminator has the right equipment that can get rid of fleas or any pests at home so you are assured that with an expert helping you, it is never hard to achieve a flea-free home.

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Professional Pest Control Company In VA

Go-Forth Home Services is your local flea exterminator company that offers a wide range of pest control services not only in the Triad region but even in nearby areas! The company has been exterminating pests for more than 50 years and they have never failed in providing exceptional and inexpensive pest control.

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Go-Forth Home Services has pest exterminators who are highly trained, experts, and professionals in doing pest control. They have received proper training in applying treatments and have broad knowledge about vermin. Go-Forth Home Services makes sure that they fulfill your pest control needs and that’s by giving you the best treatment plans that you can never find from others. Whether you have fleas, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, termites, or rodents, they can eliminate all of them for you!

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