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How Do I Fumigate My House? (Lenoir Exterminators)


Living in a home with pest can be a nightmare, as residents of Lenoir have found out. Whether they are just nuisance pests like silverfish or weevils, or disease-transmitting ones like mosquitoes, roaches, rodents, and rats, these pests have no place in a nice and safe home like yours.

For many years, many homeowners from Lenoir have counted on their friendly neighborhood pest control services around 28601 for protection. Yet some still prefer DIY methods, which gives them either great results or no results at all.

There are many ways to kill pests. If you do not want to spend money on it, just use your shoes and slap them dead! If you do not want to ruin your shoes, you can go to the store and buy a can of insecticide. Some people buy total release foggers or bug bombs. Others prefer to fumigate.

Today, Go-Forth Home Services, the leading pest control company in Lenoir and trusted by residents and businesses alike since 1959, would like to assist you in going over the basics of how to fumigate. We will talk about how you can do it safely, or when you should start calling for a professional.  

What Is Fumigation?

Fumigation is the use of fumigants, or gaseous chemicals, to kill pests within a structure. It is like pressing the restart button for your house in terms of pests. It is a procedure that is dangerous not only to pests but to humans and animals too. That is why during fumigation, nobody must be left behind. Everyone should go out, even your dogs, cats, or fish for several hours or even days. A fumigation is an option for, particularly stubborn pests.   

When Should I Use DIY Fumigation & When Do I Call A Professional?

One of the things you have to consider is when to use fumigation by yourself or when to call for help from the professionals. Here are the things you have to consider.

  • Know the extent of the infestation - Have you seen too many of these pests flying or running around? Or several mice droplets all over the house? If the infestation is small, you may try to do it yourself. However, for large scale or widespread infestations, a more intensive process is required. This will need the expertise of a professional exterminator.
  • Consider the price - You may want to take a look at your budget. DIY fumigants normally require fogger bombs to spread it throughout your home or any enclosed space that needs treatment. You may buy these in grocery stores or at home improvement stores with prices ranging from $10 to $100, depending on the size of the area that you are treating. The professionals may set you back more in terms of dollars, with the average cost being $200. It can even go up as much as $500.
  • Consider the convenience - With DIY, you can do it in your own time. If you wish to hire a professional, you will have to schedule it and wait for an appointment. Decide whether the infestation can wait or if it needs immediate action.
  • Your safety is a big concern - Since fumigation uses poisonous chemicals, a lot of care must be put into the entire process. If not done properly, fumigation can do more harm to you, your family, and even your pets than good. It also puts your neighbors and other nearby animals at risk. If you are going to do it yourself, you will have to make sure to understand the whole process by reading the label and reading more about it. If there are doubts about being able to handle it yourself, then you may have to consider hiring the professionals.

If after you have weighed all the options and considered the pros and cons you have decided to give DIY methods a go, read some tips below on how to fumigate properly.

The DIY Method: How To Do It Safely

  1. Choose the right product.  You can choose from a variety of fumigation products in the market. Before buying, identify what type of pests do you have, and determine the size of the area that needs to be treated. If your problem is mosquitoes, then check the label if the product works against mosquitoes. You will also have to balance between your budget and the product's effectiveness. Read some product reviews, since cheaper does not always mean you will be able to save money. It might not be as effective and you might find yourself spending a lot more shortly because of it.   
  2. Plan your next moves. With fumigation, you will have to prepare many things. Plan where you will evacuate for the next few hours after fumigation. You will need to vacate your home, pets included. You will need to store away edible items and other things that are related to food. These items cannot be exposed to fumigants. If you accidentally left a food item exposed during fumigation, throw it away. Kitchen utensils, dishes, and other similar items have to be washed thoroughly with soap and water.  
  3. Prepare your home. Open your drawers and cabinets since these need to be treated too. Never put the bomber inside an enclosed drawer or cabinet. Close all windows and doors so that no chemicals can escape. Turn off electric fans and air conditioning, and disable your smoke sensors.  
  4. Inform your neighbors. Tell your neighbors that you will be performing fumigation. This will allow them to prepare by covering up their items. Place a sign on your door that says “Do not enter” while treatment is ongoing.
  5. Read then re-read the directions. Read until you have mastered its use. Most fogger bombs have to be put on top of a table or chair. When everyone has gone out, and you have hidden all items that need to be stored away, set off your foggers, and get out of the house immediately. Close the door behind you.
  6. Just wait. You will have to wait it out for around 3 to 4 hours. Do not attempt to go back in before the allotted time that is on the label. This is to allow time for the treatment AND to ensure your safety as well. The longer the chemicals are allowed to sit, the better. After the allotted time has passed, put on a mask, and go inside the house alone first. Open all doors and windows to allow the area to aerate. Collect the foggers and throw them away. Then leave the house again to allow it to aerate for a couple more hours.  

The Benefits Of Fumigation

After the treatment, you may now start to enjoy all these benefits:

  1. It kills pests. It destroys fully grown pests, larvae, pupae, or eggs. Some methods get rid only of the adults, which does not truly solve your pests problems and would only crop up again after a few months. 
  2. As long as this is done properly, you can expect a pest-free house in no time with fumigation. It is considered a reboot solution to your pest problems. It works extremely well against termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, mice, bats, bed bugs, and wood borers.
  3. Fumigation will take care of those hard-to-reach spots. It can also reach cracks and crevices. The fumes will reach the insects that are hiding.
  4. This is a more cost-effective form of pest control. Fumigation lasts long and is a complete solution. 
  5. It does not leave any residual issues and will not damage sensitive materials.  

Fumigation Is A Solution For What?

Fumigation kills many types of pests. These include cockroaches, flies, rats, mice, mosquitoes, bed bugs, weevils, poisonous spiders, silverfish, and many more.

However, after trying fumigation and finding out that you still have pest problems, then it only means that this is a bigger job. You may want to leave it to the pros to solve your problems.

If this is the case, then you would not want just any other pest exterminators. We know you want the best, and for the best pest control company in Lenoir, just contact Go-Forth Home Services.

Why Go-Forth Home Services Can Give You The Best Extermination Services

Go-Forth Home Services specializes in eliminating bothersome pests that are not only a nuisance to have but are high health risks as well. If you are worried about getting sick from a mosquito bite, or roach and rodent droppings, urine, vomit, or saliva, then Go-Forth Home Services will do all the dirty work for you so that you do not have to.

We know how protective you are of your family, that is why you have given them the best home you can afford. The home is supposed to be your family’s place of sanctity where you can be away from the madness of the outside world. Do not let pests spoil that for you.

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