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Is One Roach A Sign Of Infestation? (Cornelius Exterminators)


Among the longest living pests in the world are cockroaches. They have been on this earth for millions of years and they may be older than you! Some pests have already been gone in the past and began to emerge once again. With this, their infestations are continuously happening after a long slumber.

Cockroaches will always be annoying and scary at the same time. They will sneak into your home to infest. They can be the reasons behind your anxieties especially if the species you have can fly. Yes, some cockroaches fly so living with them is hard. You would rather live outside than stay inside with roaches around.

Your home will never be as peaceful and safe today when roaches are around. There are several vermin that can invade your home. Most of the time, they end up giving you pest infestations. Roach infestations can occur anytime. If you are not mindful, your home may have been under a severe problem for a longer time. That’s why, when suspicions arise connected to pests, Cornelius area Exterminators can help. They will help you resolve any of your pest issues most especially roach infestations.

But wait, is one roach enough sign that an infestation is happening in your property? This can be confusing on homeowners. Sometimes, they only spot one roach in their area and nothing more. With this, should you worry? Let’s find out the answer now!

Can An Infestation Happen With One Roach?

Roaches will always get into your nerves especially if they come in great numbers. You cannot stop them when they begin to cause problems in your home. However, that’s not the case at all times. Some homeowners don’t see a group of roaches but only a single one. It is a bit surprising to see one roach crawling around your property but there could be reasons behind it. You might have the pest when you were bringing piles of wood back inside your home. Maybe, the single roach doesn't even want to be in your property in the first place. However, even with these reasons, you should not be happy. When you have a single roach in your house, don't be complacent because there are secrets behind this.

Seeing a single roach in your home can also be a sign of infestation. How is it possible to have one roach causing an infestation in your property? Well, this can happen because to tell you honestly, you might be seeing one but other roaches are hiding within your property. They are waiting for the right time to come out and infest. You can never say that one roach will not bring an infestation if you didn’t check your entire home. We know how good roaches are in hiding. So if you don’t get your house inspected, you’ll never know the situation of your home. Don’t only rely on the pest you see. But it is better to dig deeper by inspecting your property thoroughly especially the places where you often see cockroaches.  

Should You Worry When You Have One Roach?

A single roach should never be underestimated. It can be a sign that your house is already under an infestation. The pest is nocturnal which means that it is more active during the night. You don’t normally see lots of roaches during the day because they prefer nighttime. Because of them being nocturnal, it can be the reason why you see a single roach in your home.

According to Cornelius exterminators, a few roaches at home can already mean an infestation is happening. This is because the pest can multiply within a short span. If you let a single roach stay in your house, in a couple of days, the pest can be more than ten or more. If you see one roach, it is best to call the nearest pest exterminator to deal with it. One roach can be a sign of an infestation because others are hiding in the dark.

Common Cockroaches Considered As Pests

You keep on seeing roaches at home but did you know they come in several species? Approximately, there are more than 3,000 species of cockroaches but not all are pests. There are only a few species that belong to the pest level. You should know about them so that you can identify them properly. Take note, each species isn't the same so it means the elimination methods can vary.

German Cockroaches

One of the common cockroach species that is a pest as well is the German cockroaches. This species is smaller than American cockroaches so you will be able to recognize it easily. They have tan or light brown bodies with dark spots which make it quick to identify them. They have oval-shaped bodies, antennae, and six legs. German cockroaches can infest your home as they are mostly present around the United States. This species can infest any structure like residential and business properties. But most likely it will be in places that are moist and warm. If your home is very warm and humid, expect to find this species in your property and see them infesting. They will be in bathrooms and kitchens where food and water are always available. According to Cornelius Exterminators, German cockroaches are the most common species you will find at home. They can be annoying because they can be the reason behind your health problems like allergies.

American Cockroaches

If there are German cockroaches, there are also American cockroaches that you have to know. This is another common species of roaches that are pests too. American cockroaches are different from German cockroaches in several ways. In appearance, American cockroaches have reddish-brown bodies and have a pattern on their head. Like other species, they can be everywhere in the United States. So wherever your location is, American cockroaches will still be around and ready to infest your property. This common species of pest hides in areas where it is dark. You can find them in basements, drains, sewers, and pipes. Among the common types of cockroaches, American cockroaches are the largest. You will see them in and out of your property. They are more infesting when the temperature is high but can also survive even the climate is cold. Whatever season you’re in, American cockroaches can thrive. Unless you let Cornelius Exterminators get rid of them before they infest severely.

Oriental Cockroaches

Another type of cockroaches that you need to know is the oriental cockroaches. This species has dark and shiny bodies that you can easily distinguish. Unlike American cockroaches and German cockroaches, this type is mostly found in the northern areas of the United States. Female oriental cockroaches don’t have wings that are easy to identify while the male ones have but the wings are short. This species is found in areas where moisture and coolness are available. They will most likely hide in your basement which is dark, cool, and humid. Oriental cockroaches leave a pungent odor that you can smell quickly and because of this, they are the filthiest species of cockroaches. When you see them, immediately call Cornelius Exterminators to help you.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Last among the common types are the brown-banded cockroaches. This species loves staying indoors but you will not normally see them. Female brown-banded cockroaches don’t have wings so they can’t fly but the males have so if they feel disturbed, they will immediately fly which is scarier than seeing them crawl. They are found across the United States and would prefer to live in areas that are dry and warm. You will find them in higher places like on top of the cabinets. When brown-banded cockroaches lay eggs, they will hide it in furniture which you cannot easily find.

These are the common types of cockroaches considered as pests that you will encounter. If you have any of these, immediately call a pest control company like Go-Forth Home Services to help you. 

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