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Have you ever seen pests around your home? Maybe they are only passing or visiting, but if they decide to stay, that is the time that you need to worry and make a move because it can lead to infestations over time. Pets will always be pests and you can never stop them from doing their activities unless you call local Lewisville exterminators to do pest control.

Controlling pests is important nowadays. It helps in keeping properties free from any pests such as ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, and more. The presence of the pest in properties is a clear indication that it might be suffering from infestations.

On the other hand, some are not aware of the pests they can encounter at home. That’s why whenever they see insects or bugs, they shrug it off. However, they don’t have the idea that these creatures are already pestering their property. It is always good to know the different pests you will have at home so that once you identify one, you can quickly do preventive measures. It is always vital to resolve the problem before it gets worse because if you leave it alone, you and your family will end up the loser.

If you have pest problems, you need to know what pests your home will have. And why it is best to have a pest control company or pest exterminator do the job.

Common Household Pests

Do you ever wonder what pests will come and infest your home? Not only for today but for a longer period unless they decide to get out for good? It's not good to leave pests alone. That's why it is not good to leave pests alone because they can be the reasons why you and your family can get sick and your property acquire damage which is more expensive when repaired.

Here are the common household pests you need to know so that once you identify your pests, you can quickly report it to local Lewisville exterminators who can help you immediately.


One of the common household pests you will have to experience are termites. The pest is among the most damaging because they typically eat structures and foundations. If your house is made of wood, good luck with termites! The pest is a silent destroyer because it discreetly damages properties. You will only get to know that termites have already infested your home when woods are already weak and empty. Almost all homes are suffering from termites and it is not new, so everyone is aware of their presence.

The pest is among the ones that cause the high cost of damages. They don’t only target one area, but they will eat throughout your property. From the roof down to the floor, termites will never miss a place. They even attack the wooden furniture you have at home. What is worse when you have termites, some insurance companies do not include termite infestations under their insurance policies, so you must shoulder the repairs on your own. If you have termites at home, local Lewisville exterminators should be called immediately.

Bed Bugs

If there is one pest that will bite you when you are sleeping, expect to have bed bugs at home. The pest is your enemy when you are sleeping. However, you cannot fight back as you are enjoying your deep slumber while they feed on you. The pest hides on areas that can be near you like beds, bed frames, pillows, blankets, and more. The tiny pest is comparable to other bugs. You should know that they don't only settle on beds, they can be anywhere else. They can be in your luggage, shoes, bags, clothes, cracks, and more.

Bed bugs are sneaky. You must take a closer look whenever you are checking on them because they look like black pepper. Bed bugs will first find you because your blood is their food. They will keep on sucking your blood. Once you're awake, that's the time that you'll know that bed bugs have been around. This is because you have bed bug bites due to itchiness and red bumps in your body. Since bed bugs are hard to get rid of, it is best to let local Lewisville exterminators eliminate them for the best results.


Seeing a line of ants marching in and out of your property can be fancy to the eyes. But behind that cuteness is a great infestation that you might not expect. Ants come in different species. The ones your house can experience are black odorous house ants, fire ants, and carpenter ants. Like termites, carpenter ants are destructive as they will ruin your structures. They create nests inside your foundations or structure that's why they can damage your place. With this, your house can be vulnerable over time. Ants usually come over to search for food. That's why you often see them in your kitchen where food sources are available. The pest may be small but exterminating them on your own will never be enough. That’s why professional services from local Lewisville exterminators are still the best answer. They know what to do with ants and other pests!


Filthy cockroaches are among the common household pests you will have, and you wish they don’t exist. The pest is an invader of properties like residential homes. They look for a warm, moist, and dark environment. The pest comes in different species but not all are pests. Some of the species that infest homes are oriental cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, American cockroaches, and German cockroaches. Having roaches at home is never an advantage because eliminating cockroaches is hard. They were able to adapt to the chemicals since they have been in the world for so long. Spraying them is never enough. So what you need is the help of local Lewisville exterminators who are well-rounded in dealing with pests.

If you see any of these pests inside your home, get ready for an infestation. Other pests you can have at home are rodents, mosquitoes, and fleas. It is always better yet call the nearest exterminator to help you to get rid of them.

Why Seek Help From A Pest Exterminator?

Eliminating pests will always be the most difficult part when you have vermin at home because you do not only deal with the live ones but even with eggs and larvae hidden around your house. If you have pest issues, a pest exterminator is what you need, and here are the reasons to back it up.

A Pest Exterminator Makes Your Home Healthy

Health is wealth as they say, and this is true. When you're healthy, you can do whatever you want and will be able to provide for your family without worries. One of the reasons why you get sick is because of pests but if you hire an exterminator, he will get rid of vermin that causes diseases such as ticks, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents, and fleas. From allergies down to fatal illnesses, pests can give it all to you, so you have to let a professional eliminate them for good.

A Pest Exterminator Gets Rid Of Pests

When you hire a pest exterminator, you are up to good news because he makes sure that all pests will be removed from your property, even the ones lingering outside. A pest exterminator is fully equipped which means he has all the equipment that is needed in eliminating pests. He also has the best treatments that can kill live pests, eggs, and larvae. Also, a pest exterminator is well-trained, so he knows what he is doing even so you do not have to supervise him while eliminating pests. 

A Pest Exterminator Gives Expert Advice

One of the best things that you can get from a pest exterminator is pieces of expert advice that you can apply in your home. He gives proper pest preventive measures to ensure that even after the treatment, your home will still be free from pests and future infestations.

If you need local Lewisville exterminators, Go-Forth Home Services is the answer.

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Go-Forth Home Services is the most trusted pest control company in North Carolina since 1959 and they offer a wide range of pest control services that are guaranteed to get rid of your pest worries.

The company can eliminate any type of pest infesting your property because they have highly trained, expert, and licensed pest technicians who can do the work and have all the knowledge in doing pest control. When you choose the company to help you get rid of your pest issues, you are on the right path because they ensure that you will have a pest-free and healthy home that will give you peace of mind.

With Go-Forth Home Services, all your pest issues will be handled by nothing but the best pest exterminators in Lewisville, North Carolina! What are you waiting for? Call them now at (877) 274-1475 and they will quickly get into your property to perform pest control.