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When Are Mosquitoes Most Active?


It is unavoidable to see flying insects and bugs in your property. You can never halt them from entering your home because they have wings that can bring them anywhere. Some of the flying insects you can have at home are flies, bees, wasps, and mosquitoes. These flying insects will keep on coming and cause problems. With this, it is time you can say that they are pests.

Mosquitoes are among the peskiest pests you will encounter, and you would like them to disappear for the rest of their lives. The presence of the pest can already be alarming. They can be the reason for your health and property problems. Mosquitoes will come whenever they want so it is always best to have them treated as quickly as possible.

Moreover, you may notice that there are times when mosquitoes are highly active. While there are instances where they don't even bother going out to infest.  You must make sure that you know when they are active so that you can avoid them. You should never ignore mosquitoes because they can be deadly if you are not careful around them.

Mosquitoes are one the most dangerous animals in the world. The pest has outranked wild and ferocious animals such as lions, tigers, sharks, and more. They do not have fangs, yet they can bring danger to everyone most especially to humans.

If you keep seeing mosquitoes at home, you should have an idea when they are active. This will help you perform preventive measures.

What Time Are Mosquitoes Active?

You may see mosquitoes during this hour or not. The time that the pest is active can vary depending on its type. You should know that there are at least 176 mosquito species found in the United States alone. Each type has its own time when it comes to their activeness. Their activity levels are not the same. So you may see some mosquitoes during the day while some are seen at night. Some mosquitoes will prefer to be highly active during the dusk. In the US, mosquitoes will usually be active when it is about to get nighttime. You may notice that whenever you go out once the sun sets, the pest begins to bite. Because of this, you have to apply mosquito repellents. Better yet wear long pants and long sleeves to avoid getting bitten by the pest.

One of the mosquito species that you can have at home is the Aedes species. This species is active during the daytime. It will keep on biting you and your family, so you have to be careful. You need to protect yourself because if you do not, you can acquire diseases transmitted by this species. Aedes species will target you in the morning and afternoon so make sure you are fully protected. If you are bitten by the Aedes species, you might get chikungunya, Zika virus, yellow fever, and dengue.

During the night, mosquitoes that belong to the Culex genus will attack. This family of mosquitoes will keep on bothering you during the night. Mosquitoes in this genus will transmit the West Nile virus. Mosquito species that are spreaders of malaria are called the Anopheles species. They are also active during the night until dawn.

Throughout the day, mosquitoes can be active, and it will only depend on the species. But they will be more active during the early day and before night deepens. If all the species visit your place, the pest is indeed highly active. If you want to be free from mosquito-borne diseases, you have to keep you and your family protected. You can put insect repellents so that the pest will not get near you. Or, to keep the pest out of your home, do mosquito-proofing to get the best results.

Do Mosquitoes Come out Often in a Year?

You may notice that there are times when mosquitoes are less active. When the weather becomes cold, their activities decrease. When the weather is hot, their activeness arises. This is possible because the pest doesn’t like to be exposed to temperatures or lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you should not be complacent when the temperature becomes cold because there are species of mosquitoes that can still thrive even if it is cold already. The Aedes species for example can stand lower temperatures since they hibernate their eggs and when the spring comes or when the temperature surges, overwintered eggs will begin to hatch. Not only the eggs are hibernating, but even the adult mosquitoes! They will find a place that will keep them warm during the cold weather by hiding in sewers, caves, or cellars.

But you should know that whatever the season is if the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, mosquitoes will still be around and come out no matter what time of the year it is. If you are living in places where mostly the temperature is high, you can expect a surge of mosquitoes at any time of the day.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

If you have mosquitoes at home and would like to keep them away as much as possible, there are ways on how you can do it, and these are:

Remove Standing Water

When your home has standing water, you are attracting mosquitoes more because they need it for them to breed. They develop and lay eggs in water and even the smallest pool of water in your house can be a breeding ground for them. If you leave standing water alone in your property, you are giving mosquitoes the chance to increase their population so what you need to do is remove it. Clear any water left in your lawn, garbage, flowerpots, birdbaths, pools, and places that can have standing water.

Repel Them With Essential Oils

Mosquitoes are dangerous and if you allow them to get near you or your family, it will be your problem in the end. The pest is known to bite humans as they need blood for developing and laying eggs. What is worse is, if an infected mosquito has bitten you, disease transmission is easy. To keep them away for good, you have to repel them and essential oils are perfect for it. There are oils that mosquitoes can’t stand so if you apply it on areas where the pest can enter, it will fly away as it is repelled. Lemon eucalyptus oil is among the best oils you can use for mosquitoes and it is even recommended by professionals due to its effectiveness. It is a natural repellent so you don’t have to worry about health threats. You can also use lavender oil and citronella oil which mosquitoes also hate.

Install Screens On Windows And Doors

Since mosquitoes are small, they can easily enter your property without your notice. They can come inside broken windows or doors but if you want to keep them away for good, you need to block their entrances and you can make it happen by installing screens on windows and doors. The screens will serve as a barrier because mosquitoes can’t enter the small holes. When you have screens in your place, you can keep the doors and windows close to give you a cool breeze and yet keep you protected from the pesky pest. Though you have to spend money on screen installations, it is a good investment because you are protecting your home from dangerous creatures and it is one of the best pest control measures you can do for your home.

Clean Your Yard

Before mosquitoes enter your home, they will first stay outside and your yard is the perfect place. Your lawn can grow tall grass and this is what the pest looks for. The tall grass in your yard helps mosquitoes to hide but if you mow your lawn regularly, it will keep them away for good. The pest will find your home, specifically your yard less appealing because you have removed their possible habitat. Also, you have to remove wet areas in your lawn because once mosquitoes find these; they will immediately enjoy it as it can be their breeding ground.

Here you go! These are the things that can help in keeping mosquitoes away but if you want to get rid of them including their eggs, breeding grounds, and more, a pest control company is what you need.

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