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Pest Control: How Often Should It Be Done (Concord Exterminators)

house spider crawling inside

Insects have always been present in our everyday lives. They have assumed a fundamental job in the biological system and will keep on doing so as Mother Nature is concerned. All things considered, Mother Nature's environment would stop working and break down altogether without them. That is a simple truth.

Scientists dread an "Insect Armageddon," or the destruction of all insects on Earth. They are pollinators and prey on other forms of wildlife. They are very helpful. The insect population has radically gone down, as per The Guardian. 

What About Pests?

In any case, with regard to pests, it would be another story. Pests are around all year round and in various forms. While insects are helpful to the ecosystem and are something we cannot live without, pests are unwanted guests in our homes. We would be fortunate if the pests we have are a simple disturbance, but what if these pests are capable of transmitting diseases? To be more blunt, fatal diseases! Pick your pests: mosquitoes, flies, termites, cockroaches, rats, mice. These are disease vectors to be sure.

If you have all these pests in your home or even just one of them, your first impulse would most likely be to apply some DIY pest control. If these do not work after all of your best efforts, you would most likely bring in the pest control experts. It is your smartest move in case you need to completely kill these pests. The question now is, how regularly do we need the organizations that can come to my home and eradicate these pests? Presently, this is not generally a simple inquiry, yet one we will attempt to reply as best as we can.

All things considered, do note that insects are not by any means the only pests that can cause problems. Raccoons, rodents, mice, and even fowls can be a nuisance and ailment transmitters as well. The quantity of treatments differs each year, and there are pests whose treatments must be made consistently.

Now, let us discuss the most common types of pests in Concord. 


Everything relies upon the climate. During the colder months, one of the more common infestations includes spiders. Do not get me wrong, spiders are very peaceful creatures. They would rather be left undisturbed. Indeed, it has been said that we are all living within 3 feet of these animals in our homes and workplaces. They pose no harm, except if we are discussing the toxic ones. 

In Concord, you can be visited by black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders, the two venomous spiders commonly found in the whole United States. Despite their venomous nature, these two types of spiders usually reserve their venom for prey. They only attack humans for self-defense. More often than not, they live outside, yet they seek cover during winter. No one wants a venomous spider at home; no matter how much we say they are harmless. It is recommended to call a pest control expert if you see them inside the house as they know how to manage them without killing them.  


Wintertime draws out cockroaches, maybe the filthiest insects on earth. One enjoys a cockroach and only an appearance from one of these insects easily produces screams from a lot. There are 4,600 recognized types of cockroaches. However, not all of them are considered pests. The United States has 4 kinds of cockroaches: the American, German, brown-banded, and Oriental cockroaches. Cockroaches thrive on foulness and eat anything. They eat spoiled food, dung, dead creatures and insects, and even their kind. They also consume fresh food—the food on the table. Because of their soiled eating ways, cockroaches are an annoyance, but at the same time are vectors of certain ailments. Among the illnesses they transmit are cholera, typhoid fever, leprosy, asthma, and salmonellosis.

Roaches are hardy insects and are said to have developed resistance to certain pesticides. They are amazing survivors; they can live for a month with no food and seven days with no water. They can even live with their head cut off, breathing through small openings that are found everywhere on their whole bodies. They only die because they cannot drink water without their heads. Cockroach infestation would then be best left to the experts.


Rats and mice can likewise be an issue during cold weather, looking for warmth, food, and water inside homes. Many people start to get panic upon seeing rats and mice. The reason is valid, after all. These rodents are disease vectors. Some of the illnesses they transmit are leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and rat-bite fever. They transmit illnesses by infecting the food that we eat through their droppings, pee, salivation, or vomit. Rats are known to maintain a strategic distance from the encounter, however.  When they feel threatened, they bite and scratch. They are likewise intelligent and have extraordinary recollections that they get careful about unfamiliar objects and thus stay away. Along these lines, it is extremely difficult to catch them. The experts will know what to do, luckily. 


Summer brings forth a different group of pests. Ants may be coming your way. I know a few - or many - of you are hard-pressed about distinguishing ants as pests. All things considered, they have this commendable reputation as hard workers and team players. Unfortunately, they do infest homes and steal food. They swarm and bite.

Ants are not all pests. You can find some of them in the forests. Other types are deemed helpful to the ecosystem. They possibly become pests when they are in or close to homes. They go inside houses looking for food and water. They deploy individual patrollers who search for food. When a patroller discovers food, they convey signals, and shortly, several ants would be amassing your food.

Ants live in colonies, and each colony can have thousands up to millions of ants. This turns into a major issue for household owners. In addition to the fact that they steal food, ants can cause more structural damage as compared to termites. If you have ant infestations, call a pest control expert right away.


Throughout the spring and fall months, look out for the most hazardous animals on earth, the small mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can kill, and they have caused a larger number of deaths than all the wars in history combined. This is because they are capable of transmitting a few fatal illnesses. These illnesses include dengue fever, malaria, West Nile fever, encephalitis, chikungunya, and Zika virus. They are parasites, yet only female mosquitoes bite. The females are the only ones outfitted with a proboscis or piercing mouthparts. They can't create eggs without a blood meal. The males can live on nectar alone. Mosquitoes breed in standing water. 


Termites are additionally a major issue. They thoroughly destroy houses and cause billions of dollars in damage everywhere. They might be little, yet in incredible numbers, they are terrible to have around. 

How Often Should Pest Control Be Scheduled?

There is not one answer to this inquiry. It relies upon the kind of pest you have. Therefore we will take them on individually. 

If you have roach and ant infestation problems, pest control specialists can deal with them with specialized treatments. Nonetheless, these medicines will wear off in the end and these pests will return. It is best to plan for treatment every two months.

If mice and rats are the problems, the pest control specialists will suggest a suitable treatment for you.

For termite infestation solutions and licensed inspectors, pest control experts suggest another assessment after the first one after 3 months. Everything relies however upon the seriousness of the infestation. If there are no indications of termites, at that point, a yearly inspection would do. 

For spiders, you may get a yearly or occasional inspection, since venomous spiders may raise some trouble for you and your family.

Things You Can Do First Before Scheduling A Pest Control Treatment

As a general rule, good housekeeping is the key to a pest-free household. These pests are in our homes for two principal reasons: food and water. Something else is shelter, however, bugs can likewise live outside.

Focus on cleanliness. Cockroaches and flies thrive on filth, and they love it when your home has a lot of dirty things they can consume, rest on, and mess with. Mop the floors; utilize your vacuum cleaner to vacuum floors, rugs, and furniture. Wipe off food buildup and drink spills. Wash your used dishes and don't leave them overnight unwashed on the kitchen sink. Be sure to always cover your garbage bins. Throw your trash off properly.

Pests usually look for cracks, holes, and openings as an entry points. Inspect for any occurrences. Install screens on doors and windows to keep flying pests out.

If you need assistance with your pest problems, call the best pest control specialists in Concord, NC—Go-Forth Home Services Go-Forth Home Services is the best among all the Concord exterminators, being in this business for 60 years. Call us now!