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What Attracts Cockroaches To Your Greensboro, NC Home?

close up of cockroach

There are an estimated 4,000 species of cockroaches that exist in the world, and roughly 70 are found throughout the U.S. Cockroaches are common pests that invade homes and businesses seeking sources of food and water and can be difficult to eradicate

The body of a cockroach is relatively flat and oval-shaped with long antennae. Cockroaches have a durable, spiny exterior, six legs, and although many types have wings—most are unable to fly. Females create dark-colored cases containing multiple eggs, hatching and transitioning through a nymph phase before reaching adulthood.

Some of the most common types of cockroaches that infiltrate homes in the Greensboro region include:

  • American cockroaches: Often reaching two inches long, the American Cockroach is among the largest types and has a reddish-brown color with a yellow marking that appears as a figure eight.
  • Brown-banded cockroaches: The brown-banded cockroach is a smaller type that is aptly named with a dark brown body and lighter-colored bands.
  • German cockroaches: Among the most common types in existence, the German cockroach ranges from ¼ to ½ of an inch long and has a light brown or tan body with a pair of dark parallel marks on its back.
  • Oriental cockroaches: The oriental cockroach is large and appears in either a shiny dark brown or black color. The species prefers to be in cool, moist, and dark areas. 

The Challenges Of Preventing Invasions

Cockroaches use their somewhat flat body style to navigate through very small openings such as cracks near the structure’s foundation or gaps around the seals of windows or doors to reach the interior of a property. Cockroaches are primarily nocturnal creatures that can easily go undetected because they remain hidden during daylight hours.

When homeowners see a cockroach, they are often surprised by the speed and elusiveness of these pests that will retreat to areas such as inside walls or beneath floors where they are often breeding rapidly and expanding an infestation. Further, cockroaches will eat most of the foods that humans do, which allows them to sustain themselves.

How Dangerous Are Cockroaches?

Cockroaches routinely travel through sewers, trash, and drains with exposure to many pathogens and parasites. Cockroaches are known carriers of many kinds of bacteria and can spread E.coli, salmonellosis, and other problems. As these pests multiply with a property, the accumulation of their excrement and the skin they shed creates foul odors and can cause people to have allergic reactions.

The Importance Of Consulting With A Licensed Pest Exterminator

Too many property owners mistakenly attempt to oust cockroaches and other types of pests on their own, such as by trying do-it-yourself treatment options that home improvement retailers and other sources heavily promote. Most of these products, including baiting systems, traps, and sprayable concentrates, have significant limitations that make them only suitable for very small pest intrusions. Weeks or months later, many of these individuals find that the pests have not been expelled completely and find themselves in a state of total frustration.

The best course of action for those who have noticed the presence of pests is to consult with a professional pest controller that is properly trained and equipped to eliminate these unwanted creatures and prevent them from returning.

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