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What To Do About Mice In Your Richmond, VA Home

two mice nibbling on a biscuit on a kitchen floor

The presence of pests is a daunting thing for Richmond, VA homeowners to deal with. In most cases, insects and creatures aren’t very docile. They are actively ruinous, tearing apart properties and personal belongings. Human health is threatened, as creepy crawlers can harm you with their bites, stings, or scratches.  Even if you take that off of the table, many are covered in germs that lead to illness. Sometimes, they can transmit diseases directly. Forbid the critter in question can reproduce rapidly, you’ll be in trouble. Mice are the most capable of all.

Mice are everywhere. Thus, a trip to the doctor because of them isn’t that far out of the realm of possibility. At the very least, your residence will be affected significantly. On top of that, these animals are challenging to manage for various reasons. Find out what you can do about them, and how Go-Forth Home Services can be of assistance.

How Do Mice Operate? What Are the Dangers?

House mice have a fitting name because they often penetrate human dwellings. Their fur is gray, brown, or black, with a lighter-colored abdominal area. Though they are 7 inches long, their pliable bodies can easily pass a gap just ½ of an inch around. Otherwise, they will chew a hole open. When they get indoors, they’ll run to a humid and dark spot with low traffic. For example, a basement, cabinet, or structural void. Be on the lookout if your place is adjacent to a forest, the woods, or a similar grassy zone. 
The teeth of mice are quite sharp and they’re always growing. To keep them down, these vermin will gnaw on anything they can find. Frequently, they will target walls, piping, and cords. As time goes on, the necessity for repairs will be evident. It won’t be inexpensive either. Recovering from cosmetic damage, fixture issues, and electrical shortages or fires is challenging. Further, you may have to think twice before eating or using a surface. Mice have bacteria and parasites in their hairs and can contaminate things. Microbes are in their saliva, urine, and feces as well. These pests can get more germs when they rummage through dirty spaces, like dumpsters and streets. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, hantavirus, and salmonella are three illnesses they distribute.

Signs of infestation are:

  • Discovering turds that are rod-like and blunted at the end
  • Finding footprints with four front toes and five back toes
  • Hearing scratching and squeaking noises
  • Seeing teeth marks on wires and foundations
  • Smelling unpleasant odors continually

Is There a Way to Prevent Mice?

Keeping up with preventative protocols is required if you want mice away. Violating buildings isn’t difficult for these pests. Once more, they procreate fast and in large quantities. Maintaining your exteriors and home is pertinent. Do the following:

  • Lessen your clutter.
  • Regularly and thoroughly clean your kitchen. Don’t forget to wash the dishes.  
  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop on a routine basis.
  • Use secure containers for food and trash storage. This includes pet food.
  • Fix leaks and moisture defects immediately.
  • Close cracks in utilities, foundations, windows, and doors. Try steel wool instead of plastic or rubber.
  • Wash out your drains, gutters, and vents often.
  • Place plants two feet away from the property.
  • Trim grass and greenery recurrently.

How Will Go-Forth Home Services Handle Mice?

Commercial products can be highly noxious or complicated to use, and traps have to be strategically located. It can save you time and money to contact us at Go-Forth Home Services. Our experienced technicians will utilize industrial-grade glue boards, traps, bait stations, exclusion tactics, and more for effective rodent control. Warranties are available. Call today and receive a free quote!