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Five No-Sweat Fly Prevention Tips For Richmond, VA Property Owners

house fly on kitchen counter

In Richmond, flies can be a constant source of annoyance. While common house flies may drive you crazy with constant buzzing, drain flies and fruit flies can be just as annoying. But these Richmond pests are more than just a nuisance. Flies are known disease-spreaders and can make you and the individuals on your property sick. For this reason, fly prevention is crucial. Follow these five tips to keep flies away.

1. Seal Your Trash

Filled with crumbs, rotten food, and leftovers, your garbage cans provide plenty of food for flies. Whether the garbage cans are inside or outside, they could be attracting flies. In addition to being the ultimate all you can eat buffet, garbage cans are also the ultimate maternity ward for flies, as they can also breed in them.

To prevent these pests from taking over, you can seal up your garbage cans Although doing so may make your life slightly more inconvenient, it will make your life safer. Sealing up your garbage cans makes it harder for flies to survive and breed.

If your garbage can gets too full, don't let the can sit unsealed or garbage bags sit out next to the can. Instead, make sure you have enough cans with lids to store all of your garbage.

2. Clean Pet Waste

If you have pets in your yard, they could be part of the problem, as their waste is highly attractive to flies. By letting pet waste sit in your yard for any amount of time, you're inviting flies. Clean up pet waste as soon as possible, or you risk flies getting into your home.

When you clean up the waste, consider how you plan to dispose of it. Throwing an open plastic bag into an open garbage can won't do anything to prevent flies. Instead, it will simply move the attraction from your yard to your garbage can. To improve your chances of fly prevention, place the waste in sealed bags. Then, throw the bags in sealed garbage cans. 

3. Fix Screens And Seal Other Entrances

Once attracted to your property, flies can find a way inside. They often do so through open doors and windows. Because of their small size, flies in Richmond can also enter through tiny openings. If you don't want flies inside your home or business, you need to take steps to seal up all potential openings. This means installing screens in windows and repairing broken screens.

If you have any gaps around your plumbing fixtures or other holes and cracks in your walls, seal them up with caulk. Otherwise, flies can find their way indoors at any time. 

4. Don't Leave Food Out

Leaving food out on your counters could also attract flies. By practicing proper food storage, you can deter flies. Store your dried food in sealed containers, and don't leave leftovers uncovered on the counter. Be careful about the food scraps that remain in your sink. If you let too much food wash down into your drains, you could end up with drain flies. 

5. Work With An Expert

Unfortunately, flies are relentless. They can enter your property if a door is open for a few seconds and use tiny cracks as entrances. If you're using DIY methods of pest control, you are unlikely to be successful. It often takes on-going professional assistance to prevent and control flies in Richmond.

For the best results, call us at Go-Forth Home Services. Our professionals are eager to help you, and we're only a phone call away. Contact us to learn more about how we can keep flies out of your home or business.