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All The Ways Spiders Get Into Raleigh, NC Homes

spider on the ground

It's probably no surprise to you that spiders have a way of getting into your Raleigh home. But do you know how they're getting inside? Most homeowners don't realize that they're contributing to their pest problem by doing things that encourage arachnids indoors. It's essential to understand how they're getting in so you can take steps to keep spiders out.

Types Of Raleigh Spiders

In Raleigh, there are many spiders that you're likely to come across in your home. However, the house spider is one of the more common visitors. The daddy long legs also make frequent appearances. At times, hairy and large wolf spiders come inside as they chase after prey.

While most of the spiders are harmless, two spiders deliver a dangerous bite. Black widows and brown recluses sometimes end up in homes. Although they aren't eager to bite, they will bite if they perceive a threat. You could end up in a hospital because of your spider problem. 

Whether you have a significantly venomous spider in your home or a harmless one, you probably don't want it around. The webs are messy, and the spiders are a nuisance. If you arm yourself with knowledge, you may be able to keep spiders from bothering you. 

The Ways Spiders Get Inside Raleigh Homes

As simple as this sounds, there are only two ways spiders can get into your home. First, they can enter through an opening somewhere on the exterior of your home. It might be an open window, a gap around your plumbing, or a gap under your door.

Secondly, spiders may be coming in on your belongings. If you bring a box from a storage facility or buy used furniture, you could be delivering spiders into your home. They may hitchhike their way onto your property. At times, spiders hide out in indoor plants, firewood, and other belongings that get brought inside. 

Tips For Deterring Spiders

If you don't want spiders inside, you need to take away their food source. All spiders feed on other insects, which means your other house pests are why spiders are in your home. If you practice general pest prevention, you won't have to deal with spiders.

Some easy pest prevention tips include:

  • Storing food in sealed containers
  • Cleaning up well after meals
  • Performing a deep clean
  • Keeping your garbage in containers that close
  • Address moisture issues within and around your home
  • Keep a clean, low vegetation backyard
  • Seal up all potential entry points with caulk, screens, and other techniques 

As far as tips that relate directly to spiders, you can do the following:

  • Knock down webs as soon as you see them
  • Store firewood far from your home
  • Declutter all areas of your Raleigh property, including your basement and attic

What To Do About Spiders In Raleigh

By the time you read this, it may be too late to keep spiders out of your home. Fortunately, there's an easy solution for you. Instead of continuing to deal with spiders every day, you can work with a seasoned pest control specialist. They know how to get rid of spiders and any other pests you have in your home.

Here at Go-Forth Home Services, we understand how frustrating spider infestations can be. For that reason, we take calls regarding spiders seriously. Our friendly technicians come out to you and consider the best and safest ways to eliminate spiders. Then, they develop a plan for ongoing pest control. This ensures you don't continue to have spiders in your home. 

For more advice or assistance, reach out to us. We're available to help you with your spider problem.