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The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets On Raleigh, NC Properties

A close up image of a yellow jacket wasp

When it comes to stinging insects, most people absolutely dread finding yellow jackets around their Raleigh, North Carolina property. While bees are sometimes seen as cute or vital because of their role in the environment, most people want to avoid yellow jackets altogether, and there's a good reason for this.

While yellow jackets also pollinate plants, they can be dangerous to have around your home or business. Yellow jackets can sting and inject venom, and these stings can be really painful, even when they don’t lead to any further problems.

In order to help you keep these harmful pests away from your party, this guide goes into how to identify and control yellow jackets.

What Do Yellow Jackets Look Like?

Yellow jackets are actually just a kind of wasp. So, while all yellow jackets are wasps, not all wasps are yellow jackets. These singing insects have long, thin bodies and are hairless, unlike bees which are fuzzy and round.

Yellow jackets have a very thin waist that attaches to their thorax and abdomen, and they often build nests close to the ground, unlike some other species that will build nests up in trees or under eaves. They are generally yellow and black with striping.

Just How Dangerous Are Yellow Jackets?

While some wasp and bee species aren’t very aggressive, yellow jackets are. They will also act defensively if they feel their nests are being threatened.

The other big concern with yellow jackets is that they are capable of stinging and injecting their venom over and over. So, they won’t just sting once and then die. This, along with their tendency to swarm if their nest is disturbed, can result in dozens of painful stings.

Because of this, yellow jackets are dangerous even to healthy adults and people who aren’t allergic. While it’s still not that common, a yellow jacket attack can lead to hospitalization or even fatalities in rare cases.

How To Safely Remove Yellow Jackets

Because of the health and safety risks that yellow jackets pose, trying to remove them on your own isn’t a safe thing to do. You’re most likely to be stung when getting near their nests, so removing nests without the tools and experience to do so is dangerous.

Instead, let the experts at Go-Forth Home Services eradicate these difficult stinging insects. We have over 60 years of experience, and can swiftly remove any current yellow jacket problems and also ensure they stay away for good.

You can get started today by calling to request your free quote or sending us a message online.

Five Yellow Jacket Prevention Tips

While the best way to deter yellow jackets is with professional assistance, you can also take a few steps on your own to make your property less appealing to them in the first place, by following these five tips:

  1. Remove standing water from your yard and make sure that rainwater can drain.
  2. Keep pet food stored indoors. And, if eating outside, be sure to clean up spills right away.
  3. Ensure that hot tubs, pools, and water features are kept clean with cycled water.
  4. Remove bird feeders.
  5. Regularly trim brush, trees, and shrubs around your property. Also, fill up any holes in the ground and repair areas where yellow jackets could get under porches or decks.

These steps can help, but if you find despite your best efforts that yellow jackets are nesting on your property, call Go-Forth Home Services for fast, effective solutions.