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Reasons Why You Should Consider Professional Ant Control In Raleigh

Ants eating a sandwich

No matter how much you try, keeping ants out of your Raleigh house can be a nightmare. You cover your trash. You keep your staples in airtight containers. You put weatherstripping in your doors, and yet somehow, they still keep getting into your home. Prevention measures are essential, but wily ants can often find a way to get around them. You’ll likely need professional pest control in Raleigh to control stubborn ant problems. 

The Importance Of Regular Ant Control Treatments 

Ant control in Raleigh can be challenging without professional treatments. This is especially true with stubborn species like fire ants and carpenter ants. Carpenter ants in particular, are challenging for DIYers to control because most of the time, they can’t even find their nests, much less deal with them effectively.

Carpenter ants can do significant damage to your home. They tunnel through the wood just like termites do. And just like termites, carpenter ants can hide in your walls for months and possibly even years before you even notice they’re there. Professionals can not only help you get rid of these destructive pests, but professional inspections can save you thousands of dollars by catching infestations well before you do. 

Should I Kill Ants I See Around My Home?

If you find ants in your home, it won’t hurt to kill them – but it also won’t help. Ant colonies are so vast and complex that killing a few workers, even killing large numbers of workers, won’t hurt them. The only way to get rid of an ant colony in your home is to eradicate the queen or queens and destroy any potential replacements. 

However, killing a random scout inside your home might help you avoid a situation where that forager returns to the colony and leads more ants back to your house. If you see lines of ants crawling around, you can also spray them with a bit of white vinegar to disrupt their pheromone signals. 

Is It Safe To Spray Store-Bought Ant Spray In My Home?

You have to be careful with store-bought pest control products like ant sprays. There are sprays, foggers, and D.I.Y. fumigators on the market that might not be acutely toxic or easily absorbed through the skin but are quite dangerous for longer-term exposure. Some of these sprays are probable carcinogens and can also do organ damage. You should contact ant control pros instead – our methods are much safer. 

You can follow a few essential ant prevention tips to try to avoid getting an ant infestation in the first place: 

  • Store all foods in airtight containers. 
  • Cover all indoor and outdoor garbage with tight lids.
  • Seal all cracks and holes in your home’s exterior. 
  • Install weatherstripping in gaps in door sweeps and windowsills. 
  • Make sure window screens fit tightly and are free of rips and tears.

Following these tips might not guarantee you’ll never get an ant infestation, but they can help reduce your property’s attractiveness to ants. 

Solving Nuisance Ant Problems In Raleigh

Don’t waste your time with useless fire ant granules or potentially dangerous carpenter ant sprays if you wind up with an ant infestation. Call us here at Go-Forth Home Services. Our pest experts have safe and effective ant control methods that can ensure you enjoy an ant-free home all year long without worrying about exposure to potential carcinogens. So if you’re ready to get the ants out of your pants, call us or visit our contact page to schedule your ant inspection today.