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The Dangers Ticks In Richmond Pose To Residents

tick crawling on skin

Richmond is one of the oldest cities in the country and has an enormous amount of history within its communities. Unfortunately, Richmond also has an abundance of dangerous and invasive pests that cause harm to homes throughout the city. Ticks are among the most troublesome of the various pests that commonly invade Richmond homes and businesses.  

Ticks are tiny dark brown or black insects that attach themselves to a human or animal host and feed on blood. They are usually under a quarter of an inch in length. Ticks typically get around and find their prey passively, preferring to wait on plants or on the blades of tall grass for a person or animal to pass by and attach themselves to the host and begin feeding.
Ticks will often climb and find parts of the body where they are harder to detect, such as the groin or armpit. Because of the small tick size and their tendency to gravitate to these body areas where you are less likely to notice them, it is important to check yourself often. This is especially true during the warmer months in Richmond. 

Can Ticks Spread Disease? 

Ticks are well known as dangerous pests that can spread a variety of diseases. These pests may be tiny, but the dangers that they pose are not. Residents in places such as Richmond with high levels of tick activity should take all precautions that they can against these dangerous pests.   
Diseases that tick bites spread include:  

  • Lyme disease  
  • Anaplasmosis  
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever  
  • Babesiosis  

Because ticks can spread such dangerous diseases, it is important to take them seriously and protect yourself from them as much as possible. For more information on these dangerous pests and how to keep yourself safe from them, reach out to the pest control experts at Go-Forth Home Services. 

Can My Pets Get Diseases From Ticks? 

Ticks will attach themselves to and feed on any warm-blooded host they can find. Beginning as soon as they hatch from an egg, these dangerous pests feed on blood throughout the entirety of their lifespan. They will not discriminate between you and your pets, which makes it especially important for Richmond residents with pets to safeguard their properties. Ticks spread and transmit many of the same dangerous diseases to animals like cats and dogs that they do to humans.  

How Can I Properly Remove A Tick? 

Ticks attach themselves to a host to feed on their blood, often secreting a cement-like substance to remain firmly attached during a blood meal. In order to reduce the chance of being infected by these pests, it is important to properly remove ticks as soon as possible. It is essential to use tweezers or a specialized tick removal tool to remove a tick correctly. Using your fingers can cause parts of the tick to break off and become embedded in your skin. Ensure that you use the tweezers to pull upward on the tick with even pressure to dislodge it, and then clean the area with soap and water. 

How Can I Remove A Tick Infestation Permanently? 

While it is vital to take all precautions against these invasive pests, infestations can still occur on your property despite your best efforts. Luckily for Richmond residents, Go-Forth Home Services is here to help prevent and eliminate tick infestations.
Go-Forth Home Services, a local Richmond pest control specialist, has been serving communities throughout the area by keeping properties safe and pest free for over sixty years. Our team of certified and highly trained pest technicians has experience preventing and eliminating tick infestations. Call us today if you are dealing with a tick infestation around your home. These pests present serious and immediate safety risks for your family and your pets. We offer flexible scheduling options and provide free estimates on our services.