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The Best Way To Keep Fleas In Virginia Beach Out Of Your Home

Flea crawling on someone's skin.

While fleas are associated with household pets, they cause a number of problems for humans. They bite both people and animals and are known carriers of the bubonic plague and serious illnesses. If fleas get inside your house, a widespread infestation takes a very short amount of time and is difficult to control.

Because of their associated health risks, a flea problem needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Read on to learn more about issues caused by fleas and why Go-Forth Home Services is a trusted source of flea pest control in Virginia Beach.

Is This A Flea?

Fleas are tiny insects with six legs and two antennae. They are dark brown or red and can be anywhere between 1/12 and 1/6 of an inch in length. Although they are small, you can see them with the naked eye. They don't have wings, but their strong back legs give them the ability to jump from place to place, up to 150 times their own height. Fleas' bodies have bristles on them that help them move through animal fur and hair with ease.

While fleas are commonly associated with pets, they can also latch on to human hosts. Once these invaders are inside your home, they may jump onto blankets, furniture, and carpeting. Because they feed on blood, they like to hide in pet areas and bedding until their hosts fall asleep. If a female lays eggs on your pet, they get dispersed throughout your home as your furry friend makes their way around. This makes a flea infestation challenging to tackle on your own.

Fleas In Virginia Beach Can Be Dangerous

For most people and animals, flea bites are painful and itchy but relatively harmless. They show up as small red bumps with a halo-like ring around the middle. The bites often appear in a linear pattern of three or more and are usually found on humans around the ankles, legs, groin, waist, and armpits. Most bites go away on their own without needing medical treatment.

It's important to get rid of fleas as soon as you suspect an infestation. In rare but serious cases, fleas can transmit bubonic plague in humans. These pests are the most common carriers of this illness. They also carry a bacterial disease known as murine typhus. Fleas also transfer tapeworms and cause allergic reactions like dermatitis. In addition to noticing bites, a telltale sign of an infestation is seeing flea fecal matter on pets and throughout your home. Flea feces look like black specks or pepper flakes.

Six Ways To Keep The Fleas Away

Discovering fleas in your home is frustrating. The good news is there are several effective ways to keep these bugs away. Here are six flea prevention tips for you to try:

  1. Keep your lawn trimmed and eliminate any tall or overgrown grassy areas where fleas like to hide. Trim back overgrown trees and shrubs.
  2. Vacuum your home regularly. Don't forget to change vacuum bags or rinse out the canister, as fleas and their eggs can survive inside and get redistributed.
  3. Wash your bedding and blankets frequently, along with your pet's bed and toys. Use hot water with soap or detergent.
  4. Use a flea carpet spray. Choose a formula that kills fleas in all stages: eggs, larvae, and adults.
  5. Make sure your pet is up to date on their flea treatments.
  6. Wash your pets often, and consider using a specific flea shampoo. Spray your dog or cat with lemon water or another natural flea repellent.

When preventative measures to keep fleas away fail, it might be time to call in the experts at Go-Forth Home Services.

How To Get Fleas Out Of Your Home For Good

Don't let a flea infestation wreak havoc on your home another day. At Go-Forth Home Services, we use only the latest and safest extermination methods to effectively remove fleas while keeping your family healthy. Local homeowners have trusted us since 1959 to keep their homes pest-free. Learn more about our services by giving us a call.