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Tips And Tricks To Deterring Mosquitoes In Raleigh, NC

mosquito on a blade of grass

Dealing with mosquitoes on your Raleigh property can be a nightmare as you battle this buzzing, biting pest. Fortunately, our article details the best ways to deter and get rid of mosquitoes around your property.

How Mosquitoes Contribute To Raleigh Eco-Systems

While many people understand mosquitoes around Raleigh are a nuisance, not many know how beneficial this pest is to area ecosystems. Mosquitoes are a significant food source for many Raleigh animals, such as fish, bats, birds, frogs (and tadpoles), and turtles. If mosquitoes went extinct, all animals would suffer a hit to their population.

Additionally, mosquitoes are a major pollinator of area plants. Most people believe that a mosquito’s primary food source tends to be flower nectar instead of human blood. If mosquitoes went extinct, several Raleigh plants would suffer from it, negatively affecting the area's ecosystems.

Why Mosquitoes Around Your Raleigh Property Are A Big Problem

When mosquitoes start to invade your Raleigh property, they will bring some problems with them. To begin with, mosquitoes can bite and leave behind itchy, swollen areas. In some individuals, they may even trigger an allergic reaction. Mosquitoes are also a major source of disease and present risks to the individuals around your home, especially children, the elderly, and those who may be immuno-compromised.

The Diseases Mosquitoes In Raleigh Can Transmit

The diseases you can get from mosquitoes include several illnesses that need serious medical attention. Mosquitoes are significant carriers of Chagas disease, chikungunya fever, dengue fever, malaria, and Rift Valley fever (RVF). Any diseases you can get from mosquitoes are transmitted from a bite, which means that a large infestation of mosquitoes on your property increases your risk for illness.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Raleigh Yard

There are several home remedies to keep mosquitoes away and eco-friendly ways to get rid of mosquitoes in Raleigh. We list some of these ideas below:

  • Planting mosquito-repelling foliage is one of the best ways to deter this pest. Use plants such as marigold, lavender, and citronella grass around your yard to keep mosquitoes away for good.
  • Eliminate standing water around your yard, as mosquitoes will breed in any area of still water. Change out birdbath water regularly, address drainage issues, and ensure the gutters around your home stay clear. Also, fill holes in your yard that water regularly collects in.
  • Consider building a bat house, as bats love to feed on mosquitoes. Of course, you should make sure your home is bat-proof to avoid an infestation of bats inside your property, but with careful planning, bats can reduce your mosquito problems.
  • When outside, light mosquito-repelling candles. The scent will keep any lingering mosquitoes away as you spend time outdoors and can prevent you from being bitten by this pest.

You should note that the professionals at Go-Forth Home Services should deal with significant mosquito problems. The experts can get rid of mosquitoes on your property and ensure that the individuals around your home don’t suffer from the adverse effects of this pest, such as bites, itchy reactions, or potential illness. 

When the home remedies to keep mosquitoes away aren’t working for your property, reach out to one of the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes – expert assistance from Go-Forth Home Services.