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The Best Way To Keep Silverfish Away From Your Charlotte, NC Home

A close up image of a silverfish on a muddy ground

There are loads of pests that want to invade your Charlotte home. Many only want to come indoors to escape negative conditions outdoors. These types of pests are incredibly annoying but usually pose no threat to health or property. But silverfish are not just annoying. These invasive insects break into interior spaces and can cause serious problems with their eating habits. To help you better understand silverfish and how to keep them out of your Charlotte home, here are some things to consider today.

Are These Silverfish?

With a name like silverfish, one might assume that these pests are easy to identify. This is only partly true. Although silverfish have a recognizable appearance, they spend a lot of their time hidden indoors and only come out when they think it is safe. If you do manage to spot one of these pests, identify it by its silver, fish-like appearance, its two long, straight antennae, and the three bristle-like tails that protrude from its rear. If you do not see these pests around your home but are noticing damage to fabric and fabric-based items, we recommend bringing in a professional. At Go-Forth Home Services, we offer quick and easy inspections to help homeowners in our area identify pests like silverfish.

Where Do Silverfish Hide?

One thing that will help you identify silverfish indoors is knowing where these bugs hide. To start, silverfish love moisture and seclusion. This drives them to areas like laundry rooms, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and attic spaces. Inside these areas, silverfish hide inside cracks and gaps, like the ones found between baseboards. Unless you turn on a light in a dark room where silverfish are hiding, you are unlikely to see these pests crawling around during the day. You are more likely to find these pests roaming through living areas at night.

Silverfish Can Be Causing Real Damage

Adult silverfish are a big problem because of the way they damage clothing, rugs, furniture, and other fabric-based items. As long as something is made of fibrous material, these small pests will take a bite out of it. Keeping this in mind, silverfish damage appears in a few different ways. It might look like tiny holes chewed through your clothing. It could also appear as surface etching in carpets. If you have recently been noticing what could be silverfish damage around your home, the best thing you can do is involve the experts at Go-Forth Home Services.

How to Keep Silverfish Out of Your Home for Good

There are many options for pest control in Charlotte. The trick is finding a provider that will not just take care of your needs but go above and beyond the call of duty. This is exactly what we do at Go-Forth Home Services. We are all about providing our community with access to not only advanced pest control services, but also articles like this to help them better understand invasive, destructive, and dangerous pests in our area. If you are in need of quality treatments to have silverfish removed from your home, let our team help. We will pay your home a visit, perform a detailed inspection, and address the pest problems you are up against. If you would like a permanent fix to your pest problems, we also offer year-round general pest control.

Contact our team today to discuss your options for services with one of our friendly agents. We will answer any questions you have about pests in Charlotte and schedule an appointment for your home and property.