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Don't Let Oriental Roaches Take Over Your Greensboro Home

oriental cockroach on hand

The oriental cockroach is an unwanted dangerous common pest found in Greensboro. As a result of their ubiquity and the dangers they present, it is important to understand how to properly identify these roaches and to fully comprehend the nature of the problems they can cause for you and your family. In this blog, we'll delve into both of these important topics as well as why roaches may be attracted to your home. Luckily, Go-Forth Home Services offers the best pest control in Greensboro. Our company was founded in 1959 and has been offering effective roach pest control to residents of the Greensboro area for decades.

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Look Like?

These roaches are primarily nocturnal pests that tend to inhabit remote areas of your home. That being said, once inside your home, they will scavenge for sustenance. While looking for food, you may come across the oriental cockroach. To that end, it is important to understand how to identify them properly. The following are common physical characteristics of the oriental cockroach:

  • One inch in length
  • Dark brown/black with a shiny appearance
  • Males have long wings (approximately 3/4 the length of the body)
  • Females have shorter wings and appear wingless
  • Flightless, despite their wings

Did you know that oriental cockroaches go by a few other names that reveal a few helpful hints about them? Due to their dark color, oriental cockroaches are also known as black cockroaches. As a result of their predilection to live in damp areas are known as waterbugs.

Can Oriental Cockroaches In My House Really Make Me Sick?

These roaches are prone to spreading disease and bacteria from their spiny cockroach legs all over your surfaces, food, and dishes that you most likely come into contact with on a daily basis. They commonly spread E. coli, salmonella, and dysentery. The symptoms of these diseases can include fever, stomach cramps, fatigue, vomiting, and more.

In addition to tracking diseases throughout your home, these roaches have a protein in their saliva, skin, and feces that can trigger severe allergic reactions in some people.

What Attracts Oriental Roaches Into My Home?

Oriental roaches are often known as waterbugs due to their predisposition to live in damp, wet places. In addition to dampness, all else equal, these roaches prefer warm environments. They gravitate to remote parts of your home where they can live untouched. These types of cockroaches enter your home in search of food and what they consider hospitable shelter. Excess humidity in your home from things such as leaky pipes, other plumbing leaks, clogged gutters, messy basements and attics, food spills and garbage is likely to attract these roaches. The first step in getting rid of oriental roaches from your home is removing those factors that make for hospitable surroundings for these troublesome and dangerous pests.

How Do I Get Rid Of Oriental Roaches In My Home Fast?

Go-Forth Home Services, founded in 1959, is a local, family-owned pest control company. We are people-focused down to our core and have for decades dealt with all manner of roaches that plague Greensboro homes. If you have found a cockroach in your house, avoid touching it. Contact Go-Forth Home Services today. We will make sure to conduct a thorough sweep of your home and property. Next, we will get to the bottom of why and how these pests have entered your home. We will devise a plan to remove the roach access points and deploy cockroach control products to exterminate the oriental roach pest population in your home. Call Go-Forth Home Services now to exterminate your oriental roach problem and protect your family from the dangers they bring.