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The Best Way To Deal With Rodents In Greensboro

rats eating garbage

Mice and rats are common household pests that you definitely don’t want staying in your home. They get into your food, they chew through cords and walls, and they leave messes everywhere. Here’s everything you need to know about mice, their habits, and how to treat an infestation. And for pest control in Greensboro, call Go-Forth Home Services. We’ll keep rodents away from your house so you can live peacefully. 

What Food Sources Attract Rodents?

Rodents will eat just about any food they can, but they do have preferences. Mice especially like grain-based products, nuts, seeds, and fruits, similar to what they might eat in the wild. But when it comes to a rodent infestation, no food is safe. They will invade your pantry and even your trash cans in search of food.

Twelve Common Questions And Answers About Mice In The House

  1. How long do mice live? Wild mice typically live about one year, but that might increase if they’re able to find shelter indoors.
  2. Do mice hibernate? Nope! Mice are still very active during cold months, especially if they’re indoors. In fact, winter weather is one reason for rodent infestations. 
  3. How do mice get into the house? Mice and other pests often come inside homes looking for food, water, and shelter. That’s why winter is really common for rodent infestations. They can’t live comfortably outside, so they come inside. Cracks in the walls and poorly fitting or frequently opened doors can provide a way for mice to enter your house.
  4. Are mice nocturnal? Mice are nocturnal, which is why you might not see them. Their eyes can be sensitive to bright lights, so they’ll come out at night to find food.
  5. Can mice climb walls? Mice and rats are very good climbers. They can climb vertical walls, but not smooth surfaces. Metal, plastic, and very smooth wood are impossible for rodents to climb.
  6. What does mouse poop look like? Because mice are nocturnal, their poop can be one of the clearest signs of an infestation. Mouse droppings are 1/8 to 1/2 of an inch long, darkly colored, and tapered or pointed on both ends. 
  7. How well do mice see? Mice do not have good eyesight. They do have great hearing, and they use their whiskers to figure out their surroundings.
  8. How do I get rid of mice naturally? The best way to get rid of mice is to prevent them in the first place by sealing off any openings they may use as an entry point into your home.
  9. What scents keep mice away? Anything really strong smelling will overpower the scent of food and overwhelm a mouse’s nose. Cinnamon, peppermint, and vinegar are all scents that you can spray or place around your home to keep mice from coming in. 
  10. Do mice like peanut butter or cheese? Cheese probably isn’t a mouse’s top choice for food. But they will eat just about anything, so it’s better than nothing. They do seem to really like peanut butter though.
  11. Do mice carry diseases? Mice can carry diseases. Rat-bite fever, salmonella, and hantavirus can all be spread through direct contact with rodents. Mice and rats can also have fleas, lice, and ticks, which spread their own diseases.
  12. How do I know when the mice are all gone? There isn’t really one way to know for sure that an infestation is gone. But you will stop seeing evidence of mice, like droppings, bite marks on food packaging, even the mice themselves.

Eek! I Saw A Mouse In My Kitchen!

Step one: don’t panic! Step two: assess the situation and figure out the best course of action. Seal up your food into airtight containers or put it in the fridge. This will keep mice from smelling your food as well, and they won’t be able to get into it. For extra security, call a professional pest control company for mouse control that works. 

Total Rodent Control For Homes In Greensboro

Go-Forth Home Services is your best shot at completely getting rid of a mouse infestation. We use a combination of methods so that we can be sure to get rid of every rodent; after performing an inspection, we’ll establish a course of treatment that’s best for your home. We even set up exclusion work to keep the mice from coming back. If you’ve got a mouse in your Greensboro house, call Go-Forth Home Services today.