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The Problem With Fire Ant Infestations In Raleigh

fire ants crawling on the ground

If you have ever dealt with fire ants in Raleigh, we don’t have to explain why these small insects are such a big problem. They build massive nests inside yards, bite, sting, and are all-around annoying. The question is, what options do you have for fire ant pest control in Raleigh? Today we will talk about home remedies for these pests, how to tell them apart from other species, and what to do to remove them for good. For fast, professional fire ant control, contact Go-Forth Home Services. For more information about fire ants, keep reading.

How Can I Tell If This Ant Is A Fire Ant?

There are several ways to know if you are dealing with fire ants on your property. Start by taking a look at the ants in your yard. Are they roughly 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch long, dark reddish brown, and have darker colored abdomens? If so, they are probably fire ants. Another thing you can do is check their nest. Fire ant mounds do not have a central hole but, instead, have several entrance points around their base. Unlike many types of ants in our area, fire ants have multiple queens, allowing them to expand their colonies almost infinitely. The only thing that limits population growth is access to food and moisture. 

What Are The Differences Between Fire Ants and Other Ants?

When it comes to working together, fire ants are just like any other local ant. These pests work great as a group and actively gather items to feed the colony. What sets fire ants apart is the way they sting and bite. If you walk over an active nest, these bugs will crawl up your legs, latch onto exposed skin with their powerful mandibles, and sting until they are out of venom. As you can imagine, this is painful.

Another thing that sets fire ants apart is that they have multiple queens per colony. Multiple queens mean faster reproduction and more security from danger. How do multiple queens make nests harder to eliminate? If one goes down, the colony can still survive and grow.

Why Are Home Remedies For Killing Fire Ants Ineffective?

Pest control ant treatments are not typically for the average consumer. Why? Because they require a trained technician to administer. Most effective ant control products contain harmful chemicals. When used improperly, these chemicals are a threat to both humans and animals. A trained technician knows how to utilize products in a way that hurts ants and not your family. Even if this wasn’t an issue, pest control is not easy. Ants are adept at avoiding danger and will sometimes split their colonies when faced with harm. Often homeowners try to deal with these pests and make infestations worse in the process. To make sure this doesn’t happen, let our team help.

How Can I Get Rid Of A Fire Ant Infestation For Good?

The best pest control for ants near you lies here at Go-Forth Home Services. We deeply understand pest problems and have trained hard to ensure our methods work. You do not have to stress about invasive insects. When you have a professional on your side, pest control is easy. Our team will assess the condition of your home and property, address existing ant problems, and recommend a long-term strategy to protect you year-round. Dealing with invasive insects does not have to be difficult.

Call us now and learn your options for ant control in Raleigh. Let our team answer your questions and find a strategy to deal with problematic ants.