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Mosquitoes In Columbia: A Comprehensive Prevention And Control Guide

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Mosquitoes flourish in the spring and summer, and as you find yourself wanting to get outside to enjoy your yard, you also find hungry mosquitoes waiting for you. Mosquitoes are a persistent nuisance and will pursue you the entire time you are outside. Even trying to move away from them does not help because everywhere you go, mosquitoes will follow.

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes outside, especially for advanced infestations, is to call in the professionals. Go-Forth Home Services is the company to call for the best pest control in Columbia. Call us today because we know how to handle mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes: The Lifecycle Of The Little Fly

Mosquito means “little fly” in Spanish, and they have four distinct phases of life:

  • Egg: Mosquitoes lay eggs either in or near water to start the cycle.
  • Larva: Once the eggs hatch, mosquito larvae will spend their time living in the water while feeding.
  • Pupa: When mosquito larvae reach the pupa stage, they stop feeding but continue living in the water.
  • Adult: When mosquitoes finally reach the adult phase, they can immediately leave the water to start the process all over again.

It doesn’t take long for mosquitoes to become a big problem in your Columbia yard. If you need mosquito control in Columbia, the best thing you can do is contact Go-Forth Home Services. We know how to get rid of mosquitoes, and we can help.

Mosquito Dangers: Itchy Bites, Allergic Reactions And Diseases

Mosquitoes can bring several different types of problems and challenges with them when they come into your yard, such as:

Bites: The most irritating aspect of mosquitoes is their constant biting. Their bites can sting initially and can be itchy for hours afterward.
Allergic reactions: Mosquitoes inject their saliva into the bite area as they feed, to keep the blood from thickening. The saliva can provoke allergic reactions, sometimes to the point of requiring hospitalization.
Diseases: If mosquitoes feed on a host infected with a dangerous pathogen, they can transmit it to every host they feed on afterward.

Mosquitoes are one of the most prolific disease-spreading insects in the world. Go-Forth Home Services does not like the sound of that any more than you do, and we want to help. Get in touch with us today because we know the best ways to keep mosquitoes away. 

Prevention Is Key: Tips And Tricks To Deter Mosquitoes

Because mosquitoes are outside pests, effective pest control techniques must focus on prevention as much as they do on elimination. Failure to do so will only allow new mosquitoes to resume the infestation shortly after pest control efforts conclude. Here are some ways to keep mosquitoes from coming back once you’ve eliminated them:

  • Eliminate standing water: Mosquitoes require standing water to breed, but they don’t need much; even a capful of water will do.
  • Trim bushes and hedges: Mosquitoes use overgrown bushes and hedges for harborage areas. Keeping bushes and hedges trimmed can help decrease mosquitoes.
  • Mow grass: Mosquitoes like long grass for the same reason they like overgrown bushes and hedges. Keeping grass consistently mowed can help keep mosquitoes away.
  • Stay inside: Mosquitoes are the most active between dawn and dusk. Staying inside during these times can help you avoid mosquito bites.

These are ways to help decrease your chances of encountering mosquitoes. If mosquitoes still come after you, remember that Go-Forth Home Services knows how to keep mosquitoes away. Get in touch with us today for help with mosquitoes.

Professional Mosquito Control: A Smart Idea For Columbia Properties

Mosquitoes in Columbia can be a challenging problem to solve because they are outside pests. Thankfully Go-Forth Home Services knows exactly what to do about mosquitoes. Call us today for help with mosquitoes.