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A Guide To Termite Removal In Fort Mills

A close up image of a termite

Your home’s wood does a lot to keep you safe. It holds up your roof, keeps your walls sturdy, and provides a raised surface so that you do not have to walk on dirt indoors. For all of these benefits, there is one challenge to owning a home made out of wood. That challenge is termites. These local insects love to eat wood and other items that contain cellulose. If you are not careful, they will damage your property.

Here are some ways to identify and deal with termites in Fort Mills and why they are such a big problem locally. Call our team at Go-Forth Home Services to learn about our termite removal services. Let us schedule an appointment for your home so that we can find an effective option to deal with these pests.

Identifying Different Termite Species in Fort Mill

There are two types of termites that live here in Fort Mill: subterranean termites and drywood termites. If you are trying to find out what species is on your property, you might have a big challenge on your hands. This is because termites either live underground or inside structures of wood. Subterranean termites infest wood that is moisture-damaged, while dry wood termites infest dry, unprotected, usually sun-damaged wood.

To identify either of these pests on your property, look for common signs of termites like moisture spots, sagging floors, bubbling or sagging wallpaper, pin-sized holes, mud tubes, and swarmers. Swarmers are flying termites that only come out once a year to look for new places to build nests. 

The Role of Wood and Moisture in Termite Attraction

The most common kind of termite in Fort Mill is the subterranean termite. This pest loves moisture.

If your home’s exterior has been negatively affected by regular rainfall, leaky piping, or other moisture problems, termites will be more likely to find something tasty to eat and decide to come indoors. The same thing is true for moisture-damaged items on your property, like wet cardboard, damp logs, newspaper, sticks, leaves, or other similar things. We highly recommend cleaning up these items and repairing any damage to your home’s structural wood. 

Health Risks and Property Damage Caused by Termites

We are going to be honest with you: termites are not the most dangerous pests in For Mill. Drywood termites can contribute to asthma attacks when they burrow into homes, but that is the extent of the threat these pests pose. Destruction is the real problem that comes with termites. Although these bugs do not damage homes fast, they can cause a considerable amount of damage over the course of several months. The longer infestations go unnoticed, the more problems these pests cause.

To make things worse, termites have no problem sharing a meal with other colonies nearby. This means three or more nests could be consuming a property at the same time.

Eco-Friendly Approaches to Termite Control in Fort Mill

If you find termites on your property, we advise that you don’t let them stick around. We are here if you need help combating these pests. Our team understands how termites operate and has the tools needed to deal with infestations of all sizes.

Let us visit your home and identify what species you are up against and the problems they are causing. We will work up a comprehensive treatment plan to help you find freedom from these destructive pests. Call our team at Go-Forth Home Services for direct information about termite control in Fort Mills, and let us help you protect your home’s wood.