2016 Technician Of The Year

February 20, 2017

The North Carolina Pest Management Association held its 67th annual Pest Control Technician’s School in Durham this year, an event at which they announce recipients for the NC Technician of the Year award. All companies who are members with the NCPMA may submit nominees, and one from each phase of pest management are chosen to receive the title, a plaque, and free registration of the PCT School event. The 2016 award winner for the pest control phase is Go-Forth Pest Control’s Mike Fain, who works in the company’s location in Salisbury.

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In his previous pest control experience prior to joining the Go-Forth team, Fain himself had submitted nominees for the Technician of the Year award, but never expected to receive it himself. The Pest Control Technicians School was an opportunity for Fain and others to come together and learn, discuss, and trade information to better the industry. The NCPMA provided information on future and current challenges, such as the rise of Zika, and new types of bed bugs that may be on the rise. In 2015 Fain was tasked with leading the Go-Forth Pest and Lawn Salisbury branch, previously known as Elium Exterminators, which was acquisitioned by Go-Forth. Part of Fain’s challenge was to discuss the acquisition directly with the client base from Elium.

Fain has achieved a high level of retention as well as impressive growth by cross selling additional services to these clients. When asked, CEO Chase Hazelwood gave his feelings about Fain’s work. “For nearly three years he has displayed great initiative, diligence, and patience. He’s been amazing with what we’ve tasked him with, and is a great guy overall. I know he will continue to put his heart into everything and anything here at Go-Forth.” Fain continues to provide quality commercial and residential services to those in Rowan County. He sees the Salisbury team to continue growing its client base, and to personally continue to gain knowledge and better himself in the field as a service expert.

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