3 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Silverfish

November 30, 2018

You’ve probably been able to see a silverfish once before in your closets. You’ll usually find these creatures lingering around cabinet spaces and on clothes that aren’t really being used for such a long span of time already. You’re probably wondering why a centipede-like would want to inhabit dry and cold places such as closets.

Silverfish Extermination Made Simple

Silverfish are pests you can find in almost any household. And just like other pests, these creatures like to live in places that is dark, warm and is dirty. The only reason why you would be able to see some of these things lying around in your closets is because they feed on wool, leather and other knitted garments.

Silverfish normally consume fruits, starches and vegetables. But in some instances, these pesky little pests also resort to feeding on clothing pieces with high fabric content. Moreover, what attracts them into eating clothes are the stains that are usually left in it. So be sure that your clothes are fully laundered before tucking them to your closets. We’ve listed 3 best ways for you to fully eliminate the presence of these creatures in your homes.

Clean & De-Clutter

Yes, and I mean really clean and dispose of things you really won’t be needing anymore. Silverfish and other type of pests love to live in places that are full of clutter and are messy, the dark, quiet and dusty  places invites them in. While you’re at it, you might also want to vacuum different spots (especially the hidden ones) where these creatures could crawl into. I’m talking about tiny holes, floor gaps, windows sills and doors. These creatures have the ability to fit into to really tiny spaces and so you should target these so called spaces in order to achieve a silverfish free environment.

Seal Gaps

While you can only be so sure that you’ve been able to completely get rid of the silverfish in your house, it would be better if you’re gonna seal any entry points and small gaps that are potential hiding places for these creatures. A simple sealant or caulk would work to close out pathways and holes where these things might be coming in through. Make sure to check on your bathrooms, basements, kitchen sinks attics and anywhere else in your house that have a high level of moist, darkness and entry points for these organisms.

Call Go-Forth Pest Control Services!

Silverfishes are creatures that can get into the tiniest places and gaps you can ever imagine. Cure and prevention is what we offer to you. Let us solve your pest issue for you. Go-Forth Pest Control specializes in getting rid of various types of pests and different levels of infestations. We’ve been carefully gathering enough information and providing services to our customers ever since the year 1959. Our continuous research and development enable us to keep up and to cope with the latest methods on exterminating pests that are more likely destroying your homes.

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