5 DIY Pest Prevention Tips For The Summer

July 10, 2020

Home maintenance is critical to ensure that you aren't annoyed or embarrassed by bugs, that your family is safe from biting insects, and that your property is protected from damage. The experts at locally owned Go-Forth Pest Control have provided 5 tips you should complete for pest prevention.

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1. Block Any Entry To Your Home

Inspect and repair your window and door screens for rips or tears. This is a common entry point for many insects, especially stink bugs, flies and ladybugs that are attracted to home windows.  Make sure to inspect and repair the foundation of your home for cracks, holes, or broken or ill-fitting vents. Large holes could invite larger rodents like rats or squirrels, but mice can fit through an opening as small as a dime!  

2. Maintain Your Yard

As foliage grows, be sure to trim it away from the house so that you don't have a direct highway for ants and other pests from the bush or tree right onto your home. Also, do not let leaves pile up against the side of your home as this can create a breeding ground for spiders and ants.

Keep your grass healthy! Lawns that have little or very unhealthy grass have weak root systems underground which makes it more hospitable for ant colonies to develop. And be sure to keep your grass mowed. Walking through tall grass will increase your chances of picking up ticks.

Be sure your exterior preventive termite service is up to to date. Termites cause over $5 billion per year in the US!  

3. Get Rid Of Standing Water

The first step to mosquito control is to get rid of standing water. Pour out any standing water from empty flower pots, kiddie pools, buckets, etc. Standing water is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Make sure to look in rain spouts or leaks near your air conditioning unit.   

4. When Traveling, Double Check Your Luggage

If you are travelling, be sure to check upon arrival at your destination for signs of bed bugs (brown stains on the bedding or mattresses, especially near the headboard). You should consider storing your luggage off the floor and even inside a large plastic trash bag while you stay.

When you return home, unpack your belongings outside and then wash in hot water. Vacuum out your luggage (paying special attention to seams) and dispose of the vacuum contents in an outdoor trash bin.   

5. Clean, Clean, Clean

Be sure to collect all trash immediately following any summer parties or picnics. This will attract ants and stinging insects. A pile of crumbs or open soda can on your picnic table is like a treasure chest to ants and other insects. Be sure to wipe down all your counters/outside tables, put food away immediately, and take out your trash regularly.

There are several ways to prevent pests around your home; however, sometimes you may need to bring in the pros. The experts at locally owned Go-Forth Pest Control are committed to providing the most effective, professional and responsible lawn care and extermination services possible. Whether you decide to call in an expert or not, keep these tips in mind when taking care of your home and yard to reduce summer pests threats.

Click here to watch a video that informs us on all 5 DIY pest prevention tips for the summer: 5 DIY Pest Prevention Tips for the Summer

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