A Practical Guide To Effective Wasp Prevention For Your Fredericksburg Yard

June 11, 2023

Summer is the perfect time to get outside in your Fredericksburg yard to spend time with the kids or enjoy a meal on the patio with friends. But relaxing outdoors is impossible if wasps have taken over your backyard. Whether you are experiencing problems with wasps or looking for effective prevention methods, this guide to wasp pest control in Fredericksburg is for you.

We’ll explain how to identify the most common types of wasps that infest local yards and the dangers they pose. We’ll also review some tips to help prevent wasps from becoming a problem in your yard. Learn more about wasps and how to control them with the professionals from Go-Forth Pest Control.

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How To Identify A Wasp

Learning to correctly identify the different types of wasps that invade Fredericksburg yards can help you protect your family from dangerous stings and help you to determine when it is time to call in the pros. The following list details the most common wasps in our area:

  • Bald-faced hornets: Black with white markings and a white patterned face, about 1/2 an inch long
  • Mud daubers: Usually black but sometimes have lighter markings, between 1/2 an inch and 1 inch long
  • Paper wasps: Brown with yellow markings, between 5/8 of an inch and 3/4 of an inch
  • Yellow jackets: Yellow and black, between 3/8 of an inch and 5/8 of an inch long

If you have trouble identifying the type of stinging insects in your yard, contact us at Go-Forth Pest Control. Our professionals can help determine the species and handle any wasp removal to keep your family safe.

Some Wasps Can Be Dangerously Aggressive

No matter which species of wasp you have around your home, it is a good idea to stay away from the nest and avoid disturbing them. Even wasps that aren’t overly aggressive will defend their nest, and you may find yourself with multiple stings. Unlike bees, individual wasps can sting more than once, and an entire colony coming out to attack is dangerous, especially for people allergic to them.

Of the wasps on our list, the yellow jacket wasp and bald-faced hornets are the most aggressive and will attack even without provocation. If you need assistance removing any type of wasps on your property, contact us at Go-Forth Pest Control. Our professionals have the knowledge and tools required to remove wasp nests safely.

Effective Tips To Prevent Wasps Around Your Yard

Wasps are dangerous pests to have flying around your property, and proactively preventing them is much easier than eliminating them after the fact. Here are some wasp prevention tips the pros recommend to keep wasps away:

  • Avoid using hummingbird feeders.
  • Avoid wearing scented perfumes and lotions.
  • Keep garbage in tied bags and store it in well-sealed receptacles.
  • When dining outside, keep food covered and clean up any spills and crumbs.
  • Team up with a pest control company to eliminate other pests that may be attracting these predators.

If wasps are a frequent problem in your yard, the pros at Go-Forth Pest Control can help you prevent wasps by determining what attracts them to your property. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an inspection.

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The best wasp control comes from working with the professionals at Go-Forth Pest Control. We offer wasp removal services in Fredericksburg to help keep your family safe from these dangerous pests. Contact us today to request your free quote.

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