Annual August Lawn Checklist

August 8, 2016

While most of us are playing "hide from the sun" as it continues in its attempts to devour the Earth, some of us are still putting on a brave face and continuing to go to bat in the name of our luscious lawns.

Keep Your Lawn Pristine!

Go-Forth Pest Control has compiled a quick list of August lawn care checkpoints to keep in mind this month. This guide will help you make sure that all aspects of your lawn will be in tip-top shape as we begin to round off summer. Although, don't forget that your friends at Go-Forth Pest Control can take care of all your lawn care needs for you!

  1. Trim And Fertilize Containers Of Annual Or Perennials:

    These plants still have a short window of time to bloom once more before colder months set in. Make sure you're keeping them fertilizers and cleared out so that they have optimal chances to give you one more bloom.
  2. Label Your Plants:

    Sadly, many plants begin to die once August swallows up the end of summer. Labeling your plants during this time will help ensure that you remember what is what come next season. This can be accomplished with simple garden stakes or another DIY plant labeling system of your choosing.
  3. Treat Diseased Plants:

    Clear out any dead or diseased foliage from your plants to ensure that it doesn't spread to the healthy plant going into Fall.
  4. Cut/Dry Herbs To Use During Winter:

    If you're an herb garden enthusiast, you know that you need to stock up before colder months squander your herb supply. It's never a bad idea, no matter your climate, to cut and dry some stores of your herb garden for winter use.
  5. Prepare For Fall:

    If there is a certain type of plant that you cultivate on your property, it's probably safe to bet to go ahead and secure Springtime plant orders with shops before they close for the season. Make notes of plants that you've really enjoyed this season and where they seemed to flourish best. You can prepare for fall grass seed planting by weeding your lawn or leveling any low spots that are causing problems.

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