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December 20, 2017

It is no surprise that ants require strategic and deliberate control measures. Ant removal companies like Go-Forth Pest Control of Greensboro plan, control, and eradication measures around the habits and features of ants. Ants invade properties with the intention of creating long-lasting colonies. The highly organized way of life of ants that guides ant control measures is explained in this article. The lifestyle of ants is a general one, and it cuts across the different types of ants.

Inside An Ant Colony: The Lifestyle Of These Peculiar Insects

Ants live in a social system that is divided into several groups. Each group performs specific functions that ultimately result in a highly functional society. The groups of ants within every colony are queen, worker, and drone. Both the queen and worker castes are female castes.

The queen is the reproductive female of a colony. Some ant species have only one queen while others have more than one queens. It is the duty of the queen to produce eggs that hatch into other members of the colony. The queen and a fertile male start a colony when they find a suitable environment for propagation. In one property, there can be more than one colony, and strategic identification of these colonies by Greensboro ant exterminators is essential for ant control and eradication.

A queen can live for many years and produce millions of eggs. In building a colony, the queen and drone search for locations that are strategic and free from damage. This strategic process of developing a colony ensures that chosen locations are not easily detected. Most queens and drones that set out to begin a colony do not survive. Hence, the ones that build successful colonies ensure the longevity of the colony, even conquering other smaller colonies and capturing their brood. Ant removal companies thus employ means to search and discover all ant colonies within a property.

The drones and queen mate to produce workers and other drones and queens. The workers are sterile females that are responsible for all the tasks within the colony. These tasks range from taking care of the queen and brood to gathering food sources and bringing them back to the colony. The workers are the caste of ants that give away the rest of the colony. Ant exterminators also plan control measures around the activities of the workers. One of those ant control measures is the use of slow-acting chemicals. The effects of these chemicals occur when the workers get back to the colony. When the other members of the colonies feed on the carcasses, the effect of chemicals is increased as more ants die.

There is a group of ants known as soldiers which are a subgroup of the workers. These ants ensure that the colony stays safe from intruders and other invasions of other colonies. Soldiers are also indicators of the proximity of a colony as they stay close to the colony.

As part of the strategic lifestyle of ants, the workers search for new locations as they search for food. When trouble comes, it is easy for ants to relocate to better locations sourced by the workers. In planning ant control measures, ant removal companies employ measures that detect, eradicate, and prevent re infestation based on the way of life of these social insects.

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